A walk through the streets of A Casa do Dragão

At first glance, the small Spanish town of Trujillo doesn’t look like it has anything to do with it. With less than 10,000 inhabitants and about two hours’ drive from Madrid, it would hardly be a priority destination for most tourists. It turns out, however, that the location was the scene of the filming of one of the most talked about television franchises of the last decade: game of Thrones. Its walls, streets and stone fortresses serve as the perfect setting for King’s Landing, capital of the Seven Kingdoms and which concentrates the bulk of the plot of the house of the dragon.

Obviously, the city is not at all alien to modernity. The little streets of Trujillo have traffic signs, cars of the most varied brands and even the occasional souvenir shop. Still, it’s easy to imagine yourself among the inhabitants of King’s Landing, especially when you place yourself in the middle of the Plaza Mayor, which featured prominently in the ninth chapter of the house of the dragon. In fact, the only big difference between the location and its television version is the replacement of the statue of Francisco Pizarroexplorer who invaded Inca Peru, for a monument of a dragon, which represents the strength of the Targaryen dynasty.

In fact, Trujillo was the scene of important scenes for the battle between members of the House of the Dragon for the Iron Throne. In the penultimate episode of the first season of the house of the dragonthe city’s streets were transformed into one of King’s Landing’s busiest neighborhoods, where Aegon (Tom Glynn-Carney) disappeared shortly after Viserys’ death (Paddy Considine). Years earlier, Jamie Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and Bronn (Jerome Flynn) used the city walls to philosophize about the private parts of Daenerys’s Unsullied (Emilia Clarke).

Walking through Trujillo’s many ascents and descents is an exhausting but rewarding exercise – not just for fans of game of Thrones, but fantasy and medieval stories in general. The city has buildings that would not be out of place in stories like Knight heart or Lord of the Ringsfor example, including churches with heavy gates and a military building with high walls, from which you can see the outskirts of the city.

Trujillo is also of historical importance, especially for the formation of America. In addition to being the birthplace of Pizarro, one of the first invaders of Latin America, it was also the home of Francisco de Orellanaanother Spanish explorer who explored the continent, but disappeared during one of his expeditions in the Amazon.

Small, but full of attractions, Trujillo is a worthwhile destination for those who want to know a little more about game of Thrones and the history of Europe.

*The journalist traveled at the invitation of Latam and HBO Max

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