Airline bans the term “stewardess” from its manuals in favor of gender neutral

The traditional South Korean airline, Korean Air, is about to drop the term “stewardess” (Stewardess) and replace it with a neutral term. The decision has already been made by the company, according to an internal memo seen by Daum News, and will now be implemented.

Over the past few decades, flight attendant unions around the world have fought to get the general public to switch to neutral terms to describe their profession. In the US, the term flight attendantwhile in Europe and the Middle East, the term cabin crew is preferred. In many Spanish-speaking countries, the equally gender-neutral term cabin crew it is used.

The main argument for the adjustment in words is due to the fact that the term “stewardess” came to be seen as synonymous with sexist policies of airlines, which prevented them from getting married or having a baby if they wanted to keep their jobs.

Over time, claims reached the courts and companies had to pay multimillion-dollar class actions in the US, forcing a paradigm shift. Countries also followed the same path, but Asians still remained (or remain) with policies of such characteristics, especially in more conservative cultures.

An example of a change in thinking was recorded by Singapore Airlines, which despite still using the image of the “Singapore Girl” for its flight attendants, that is, of “fit” single and young women, no longer fired women. employees if they become pregnant.

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