ALERT: Man applies “check” scam on cell phone purchase in Camaquã


Well dressed and pretending to be a resident of a downtown building, embezzler puts merchants on alert

By: Rodrigo Vicente | FM acoustics
Published on: 10/28/2022 at 8:40 am
Updated: 10/28/2022 at 15:52

The afternoon of last Thursday (27th) looked like another normal and busy day at a traditional cell phone store in downtown Camaquã. One of the owners receives a call from a supposed customer, claiming to have his cell phone broken and urgently needed a new one, since all the data, including bank data, was on the damaged device.

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The order call took place around 2:40 pm. As the location informed for the delivery of the device by the scammer was close to the store, in about 10 minutes the shopkeeper went to the address to deliver the device. Before, he asks for basic data from the customer, who introduces himself as “Engineer Anderson”, the name that appeared on the check presented at purchase.

When he went to deliver the device, valued at R$ 1700, the shopkeeper was received by the scammer in the building. From inside the property, the scammer released access to the gate for the businessman. Claiming that the wife was in the bath, the scammer asked the shopkeeper to wait in the entrance hall. The alleged customer went upstairs and returned with his checkbook in hand. The businessman said he did not accept checks, only cards or PIX, but the alleged customer justified being without bank details on account of the alleged owner of the cell phone. As the check was from Cooperativa Sicredi, from an agency in Encruzilhada do Sul, and the client alleging that he could go and cash it at the bank at that moment, the businessman relented and accepted the form of payment.

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After delivering the device, the shopkeeper went straight to the cooperative’s branch, located on Avenida Olavo Moraes. There he was informed by the cooperative that the account holder’s signature did not match. Minutes later, confirmation of the scam came: the check sheet was stolen. Realizing the coup, the businessman returned to the building and discovered that the forger was not a resident and had no connection with anyone there.

To access the building, the man arrived at the site minutes before 1:30 pm and waited for a resident to leave to access the building. As the external grid was not keyed, he waited for a resident to leave the place and claimed to be from the maintenance of the door. The resident did not notice the blow and went to work. The scammer waited for more than an hour inside the building before calling the company and executing the scam. Everything was recorded by the security cameras of the property.

After leaving the bank branch and already knowing that he had fallen into a scam, the businessman went straight to a store where a friend works to alert him and discovered that the scammers also contacted the company and were trying to apply the same scam, but through the social networks and using the profile of a woman. Concerned with the proportion that the coup could become in the region, the businessman sought the broadcaster to report and warn entrepreneurs not to fall into a similar coup, even if the product may be different. A police report has been filed and the police are investigating the case.

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