Alexa gets a new voice option for Brazil, but resources are limited

For tech enthusiasts, Alexa has had a long history. Created in 2014, she arrived in Brazil in 2019 and her voice, wit and puns have already become a trademark. However, for those who want novelty, it is possible to choose another tone for the virtual assistant.

Now Amazon’s artificial intelligence has gained a male voice. Even so, the words for command activation are still “Echo”, “Amazon”, and “Alexa”. To activate the new feature, you have to say, “Alexa, change your voice”, and then you can customize devices throughout the house. However, there are some restrictions. Imitations, stories and songs are not available for male timbre. Therefore, if the user wants to have access, the contents will be dictated by Alexa and, in the end, return to the masculine timbre.

To celebrate children’s month, the latest update of Echo Dots and Fire TV brought commands that bring math questions, word translation, verb conjugations, how to spell some terms and even their synonyms, which helps children’s study.

Alexa is also available as an app and can now be downloaded even on Windows with screensaver mode and smart voice responses.

What did you think of the new option to innovate the presence of Alexa in homes? Leave your comment!

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