Botafogo loses to Fluminense in stoppage time, but confirms spot in the Copa Rio Sub-20 OPG final

O Botafogo lost to Fluminense by 2 to 1, in injury time, on Friday afternoon, at CEFAT, but confirmed the classification for the final of Rio U-20 Cup OPGsince they had won the first game by 2 to 0. Current champion, Fogão will face Madureira in the decision, in two games.

Even having built a great advantage in the first game, Botafogo started the game creating good chances. In the 11th minute, Iago André went in, Bernardo rolled from the right to the back and Léo Pedro, facing the goal, isolated. However, at 18, the net shook: Felipe Vieira hit a Bludger from outside the area, with the ball hitting the crossbar before going in and making it 1-0.

Botafgo controlled the rest of the first half, without letting Fluminense create much. Tricolor, however, came back better for the final stage and managed to equalize at six minutes, in a kick from outside the area of ​​Freitas.

The visitors needed two more goals to take to penalties, but Glorioso almost scored, already in the 38th minute, with Kauê, with a header, stopping in the great defense of the goalkeeper. In extra time, Fluminense increased the pressure and even scored with Gustavo Lobo, but there was no more time for a reaction.


Place: CEFAT
Date-Time: 10/28/2022 – 3 pm
Referee: Jodis Nascimento de Souza (RJ)
Assistants: Victor Augusto Camões de Abreu (RJ) and Yan Moraes Assis (RJ)
Yellow cards: Reydson and Ryan (BOT); Freitas and Pedro Rocha (FLU)
red cards:
goals: Felipe Vieira 18’/1ºT (1-0), Freitas 6’/2ºT (1-1) and Gustavo Lobo 50’/2ºT (1-2)

BOTAFOGO: Gabriel Toebe (André Guilherme 27’/2ºT); Bernardo (Ryan 27’/2ndT), Kawan (Alysson 27’/2ndT), Reydson and Jefinho; Felipe Vieira, Kaue and Raí; Wendel (Peloggia – Halftime), Iago André (19’/2nd Shoe)) and Léo Pedro (Rhuan Lucas 27’/2nd) – Coach: Thiago de Camillis.

FLUMINENSE: Álvaro Nóbrega; Lucas Justen (Erick 35’/2ºT), Caio Amaral (Samuca 40’/2ºT), Felipe and Jefté; Pedro Rocha, Freitas and Arthur; Isaac (Gustavo Lobo 35’/2ºT), Luan Brito and João Neto (Abner 26’/2ºT) – Coach: Guilherme Torres.

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