CBF responds to Globo’s request, changes Palmeiras x Fortaleza schedule and generates fan revolt

THE CBF made official this Friday the change of game time between palm trees and Strength for the 35th round of the Brazilian championship. The duel that can confirm the 11th title of the alviverde team was scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, at 4 pm. The unusual schedule was due to the All Souls Day holiday. To respond to a request from Globeholder of the broadcasting rights, the entity postponed the confrontation to 9:30 pm of the same day.

The change generated revolt from Palmeiras fans on social media. In the publication in which the club confirms the change, several Palmeiras are complaining. The club alviverde says that the fan who has purchased the ticket and cannot attend has up to 24 hours before the match to cancel it.

Because of the holiday, the 4 pm time was seen as ideal by the club and its fans, and there could be an extended party for the national title. Now, the game is scheduled to end at 11:30 pm, which will make celebrations difficult.

Abel Ferreira is one victory away from winning his first Brasileirão title.
Abel Ferreira is one victory away from winning his first Brasileirão title. Photograph: Rodolfo Buhrer / Reuters

At first, the game between América-MG and Internacional had also been rescheduled to 21:30. However, the match returned to 16:00. If the decision is upheld, Palmeiras can enter the field as champions if the Colorado team doesn’t beat the miners sooner.

On social media, Palmeiras fans are demanding some action from the board to reverse the decision. Palmeiras point out the club’s lack of political strength with the CBF and even with Globo.

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