Ceni explains carelessness that took Arboleda out of the game

In the fight for a spot in the 2023 Copa Libertadores, São Paulo has a long list of embezzlers. And to complicate the life of Rogério Ceni, the club should not have many returns in the final rounds of the Brasileirão. The good news is on account of Arboleda, who only did not participate in the victory over Atlético-GO, yesterday (27), due to the coach’s carelessness, as he explained.

“The one I wanted to bring today was Arboleda, but when I made the list, it had been so long since we had six foreigners, I forgot that I had to cut one. I know his need to go to the Cup [do Mundo do Qatar], I wanted to have him on the bench today for him to adapt, he hasn’t played for a few months. So, he can be a presence in the next match, at least on the bench, he is already training much better”, he said.

The Ecuadorian has not played since June 23, when he suffered a fracture and ligament injury in his left ankle and underwent surgery. His last game was the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, against Palmeiras, in Morumbi.

Long list, little news

Rogério seemed to be reading a list of players called up, and not of absences, when he started to enumerate the players out of combat.

“There’s Pablo, who was suspended, and I think it shows the physical strength he has in the middle to take against. I think it’s difficult for Diego Costa [voltar]. Igor Vinícius also find it difficult”, said Ceni, who continued listing names: “Neves, difficult. Niko, I don’t think so. And Alisson doesn’t either…”

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