Ceni recognizes debt with fans, but asks for a full house

Coach Rogério Ceni was sincere at the press conference after São Paulo’s 2-1 victory over Atlético-GO, today (27), at Morumbi, for the Brazilian Championship.

First when I said that São Paulo didn’t play well. And then when he recognized that the club owes its fans a debt. Even so, the coach asked the fans to return to the team’s games.

“I think that for ten years, São Paulo has a debt with its fans. It’s not a new thing. [da Sul-Americana]. But we couldn’t,” said the coach. “The fans are right to be resentful,” he added.

“We know the resentment and sadness, and how this scar is left of not having delivered part of what we owe with titles. But the fans need to be with us”, said Ceni.

“In the South American semifinal against Atlético-GO, there were 53 thousand. Today there were 17 thousand”, lamented the coach.

“It had been a long time since I saw Morumbi with so many people in so many games. The fans wanted to win, he attended and encouraged”, he said.

“We couldn’t deliver the conquest, I understand this resentment, but we need to walk, we can’t stop”, he said.

Average plummeted after defeat in Sudamericana

São Paulo’s audience plummeted in the team’s last three games at Morumbi. Only 17,598 people were in the stadium to push the team against Atlético-GO, corroborating a trend of sharp drop in attendance at the stadium.

In the 1-0 defeat against Botafogo, on the 9th, for the Brasileirão, 23,918 people were at Morumbi. On the 20th, against Coritiba, only 14,993 witnessed the good victory of Rogério Ceni’s team.

It was the worst audience of the team in the Brasileirão. The second worst happened in the team’s debut at home, against Athletico-PR — a week after the 4-0 defeat by Palmeiras in the Paulista final.

Ten audiences from São Paulo as home team before the Sudamericana Final and the three after:

10/27 – São Paulo 2 x 1 Atlético-GO – 17,598
10/20 – São Paulo 3 x 1 Coritiba – 14,993
10/09 – São Paulo 0 x 1 Botafogo – 23,918

10/01 – São Paulo 0 x 2 Independiente del Valle (South American Cup Final)

9/25 – São Paulo 4 x 0 Avail – 36,510
9/11 – São Paulo 1 x 1 Corinthians – 46,444
08/9 – São Paulo 2 x 0 Atlético-GO – 53,998 (South American Semifinals)
8/28 – São Paulo 0 x 1 Fortaleza – 30,210
24/8 – São Paulo 1 x 3 Flamengo – 51,365 (Brazil Cup Semifinal)
8/14 – São Paulo 3 x 0 Bragantino – 31,358
06/8 – São Paulo 0 x 2 Flamengo – 45,217
03/8 – São Paulo 1 x 0 Ceará – 52,338 (South American Quarterfinals)
28/7 – São Paulo 1 x 0 America – 51,297 (Fourth Cup of Brazil)
7/23 – São Paulo 3 x 3 Goiás – 39,393

See other topics covered by Ceni at the press conference


“I repeat what I said before. Luan for me is the player who dominates the position the most. Luan played the minutes he was able to play. I already imagined that I would have that ball at the end of the game, and as a visionary coach, I put him to score the winning goal (laughs). Luan played as long as he had to play… It’s a joke, of course”.

“I know that people want Luan on the field, I do too, but it will depend on him. He needs to improve his physical form, because he has knowledge of the position. And he was crowned with the goal today. of him keeps São Paulo in the fight for higher positions”.

Result x Game Quality

“I’m satisfied with the result because I’m still fighting for a spot in Libertadores. I think the year has to be valued as a whole. These players, after a defeat in the final, are still trying to put São Paulo in Libertadores. ninety minutes, or even the first half, which was more for São Paulo, but in the second, Atlético was superior”


“Some players come from injuries, some players are injured, others are coming back like Moreira and Luan, who had surgeries. There are several players who still can’t play a full ninety minutes. last games. We’re going to face Atlético-MG, who are ahead of us, and we’re going to need this victory here at Morumbi. It’s going to be a difficult game. But I don’t say that São Paulo doesn’t come in without a chance to win. had against Juventude, as it had today against Atlético-GO, which has to be valued.”

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