Cruzeiro and PSV sign a partnership; understand what was right

Cruzeiro and PSV signed a deal this Friday (28)
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Cruzeiro and PSV signed a deal this Friday (28)

With Ronaldo’s direct participation in the negotiations, Cruzeiro and PSV agreed on a partnership between the clubs. The confirmation was made by the teams on social networks.

According to the statement, the teams will exchange knowledge in the areas of scoutingeducation and training, involving institutional, sporting and commercial aspects.

The partnership was signed in Eindhoven, Holland, at PSV’s headquarters, where Cruzeiro’s football executive director, Pedro Martins, and operations director, Enrico Ambrogini, were present.

“PSV and Cruzeiro complete partnership and will work together! Both clubs seek to strengthen each other’s position in the world of football in the field of scouting methodology, education and training. #PSVxCruzeiro”, posted the clubs.

Pedro Martins commented on the agreement. “The objective is for Cruzeiro to be able to develop and improve its training process for young people through this partnership with PSV. We are confident that this exchange of information, aimed at creating new working methods, will be able to connect the institution with the best market practices and develop a competitive advantage in the training of athletes within our market”, explained Pedro Martins.

“In this first trip we created an initial work plan, we carried out an analysis of the needs of both clubs and the possibilities involving the men’s and women’s football teams”, added the celestial manager.

The collaboration between the teams will make it possible, in the coming years, for the exchange of coaches, technical committees and even teams from the basic categories and athletes. In addition, to facilitate dialogue between Cruzeiro and important commercial partners of the traditional Dutch team.
“This agreement signed with PSV gives us the opportunity to work on all fronts with the club. Since then, we have started conversations with possible sponsors, in addition to exchanging knowledge about the most modern sports in Europe. pioneering in the technological issue”, detailed Enrico Ambrogini.

The Dutch official explained the importance of the South American market. “The partnership with one of the biggest clubs in Brazil will allow us to better understand the football pyramid in South America, a region with which PSV has traditionally always felt strongly connected. By sharing knowledge and experiences, our impact on the international football scene will be growing”, declared Marcel Brands, general director of PSV.

Owner of 90% of the shares of SAF do Cruzeiro, former player Ronaldo idol of PSV. He played for the Dutch club from 1994, after being sold by Raposa, until 1996. In Holland, he scored 54 goals in 57 matches.

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