Cuban Missile Crisis: How the US Prepared Areas for Soviet Attack

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Old US Army Missile

Credit, HM69 Nike Missile Base

photo caption,

The missile’s name – Nike – is not related to the sportswear brand (created in 1964), but rather to the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.

When US President John F. Kennedy denounced the installation of Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba on October 22, 1962, the world was on the brink of atomic war.

At that moment, no place on American territory was safe from a possible attack with Soviet nuclear weapons.

The first line of fire was the Florida peninsula. Its closest point to Cuba is just 145 km away from some of the missile platforms secretly installed by the Soviet Union on the island.

“People in Miami were aware that the missiles in Cuba were offensive and were aimed at the United States. And this was the closest major American metropolis to the island,” Paul S. .George.

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