Discovery Turbo debuts new series “Escape Pilot”


Starting on Saturday, November 5th at 9:40 pm, actress Michelle Rodriguez and rally champion Wyatt Knox team up to present GETAWAY DRIVER (Getway Driver), new series from Discovery Turbo.

In eight episodes, the production launches a competition that will show which pilots and machines are the Fast and Furious in real life. The premise is simple: a driver runs away from two others who are chasing him at high speed on a labyrinthine circuit that is in an old factory. The objective of the escaped pilots is to find one of the two exits and claim the five thousand dollars in prize money.

Thus, the series sets up adrenaline-fueled chases that pit expert drivers as opponents: 24 of the best drivers in the United States have been selected as the fugitives, three of them will participate in each episode – behind the wheel of their own cars, they will perform unbelievable stunts. to escape; spectacular drift, crashes and escapes are all part of the game.

The setting is made up of the facilities of an old chemical factory. There are over 160,000 m2 of area in a complex that will host the high-speed battles. The site is divided into five large areas: storage sheds, the factory, a part of the land occupied by vegetation, the office building and the place where the tailings were deposited.

The pursuers are familiar with the labyrinth of pipes and ducts, the tall grass that hides cans, the large sheds with treacherous pillars, the muddy places, minimal visibility, trees and cramped walkways between walls. Their function is just one: to intercept the pursued pilots before they find one of the exits and leave them cornered, with no possibility of escape. For that, they will do whatever it takes, including crashing into cars.

The competition consists of two rounds: one during the day and one at night. Only two of the three riders qualify for the night round, those who manage to find the exit or who last the longest without being stopped by pursuers. In the night stage, the difficulty increases: there will be three cars on the pilot’s tail and poor visibility. In the first episode, three drivers and their respective cars face the traps of the old factory complex, among them Sonya Klaus.

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