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For more than a year, Johnny Depp has fought arguments with his ex-wife, Amber Heard, in court. Accused of domestic violence, the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ actor saw his name dragged through the mud, described as alcoholic, aggressive and without any respect for himself.. On the other hand, it was also proved that the violence was mutual and that the discussions between the two crossed, by far, all limits.

Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard: The Week in Court

In a transcript of a conversation between the two, Depp reportedly said, after an argument, that he had to leave the house so it wouldn’t end up at a crime scene.

For many, it was the fall of an idol, a deep disappointment, but the truth is that Johnny Depp was also defended by a true legion of fans who claimed that his marital problems have nothing to do with his professional life. And Hollywood seems to agree.

The compromising images of Johnny Depp, who admits to alcohol and drug addiction

This week, the actor returns to the news for very different reasons. With the controversies already behind their backs, it is announced that Depp will direct the biopic about the life of Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. In a statement, the actor was “honored” to be able to tell the story of a life marked “by great difficulties, but also by triumph”.

The before and after of Johnny Depp

In addition to this project, it was also revealed that Depp is back on screen with the film ‘Jeanne Du Barry’, where he will give life to King Louis XV.


Depp’s big return to cinema raises several questions. First of all, if cases of harassment, domestic violence or me too movements are mere ‘fireworks’ forgotten in a few months and secondly, whether or not these stars really deserve a second chance. There’s still no answer to that, but the truth is that Hollywood seems to be on board with new opportunities… at least for some.

After Depp, it’s Will Smith’s turn to shine on the screens again, with ‘Emancipacion’, a film scheduled for release in early December in theaters and on Apple TV. This return comes a few months after, in the middle of the Oscars ceremony, he attacked Chris Rock with a slap. During the controversy, everyone questioned the limits of humor and the Academy of Oscars was forced to take action, banishing Will Smith for ten years from all ceremonies linked to the Institution.

However, the Hollywood Industry seems to have been much more lenient, only waiting a few months to call Will Smith again. Does “crime” pay after all?

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