Enjoy Halloween and be guided by zombie turn in Waze

Waze is an application that provides real-time data about mobility. In this way, it points out which are the best roads, points of congestion and even notifies some accidents. Counting on a virtual assistant that emits signals, this platform helps those who are unsure about the final destination, to avoid mismatches.

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Getting in the Halloween Mood

The Waze app, famous for its accuracy in indicating routes very efficiently, decided to join Halloween. It’s not intended to scare anyone, but to make racing more fun. It is now possible to activate the apocalyptic voice mode, as if you were running away from a zombie attack, also changing the car icon that accompanies the route on the map.

How to configure your application

1st Step: access the ”Settings” area of ​​the Waze application that can be installed on both iOS and Android devices.

2nd Step: select the ”Voice and Sound” option from the menu.

3rd Step: Finally, click on ”Voice Waze”.

4th Step: in ”Settings”, go to ”Map View”.

5th step: Now press ”Vehicle icon”, changing how your car will appear on the screen path.

Customize your driving experience

These alternatives are available until November 9th, but then you can customize the engine with your own voice. Just follow the same steps and record the requested messages. To keep the playful aspect of creation, try to imitate a character or ask a friend who has a strong voice, for help.

If you still don’t use Waze, is an excellent network to obtain valuable information about transit, organizing your trip. The voice command shows which direction and maneuvers will be accurate, helping those who are still starting to drive after having registered their National Driver’s License (driver’s license), proving the basic skills.

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