Harry Styles had an affair with Florence Pugh before his relationship with Olivia Wilde

The English newspaper ‘The Sun’ spoke to a source close to the trio, Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh. And confirmed an affair between the actress of the Marvel comics and the singer, before he started the relationship with the director of the film that the two star in.

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, during scenes from ‘Don’t Worry Honey’. (Playback/Instagram)

The source says that there was always a chemistry between Styles and Pugh, which helped a lot in the production of the film, “Harry and Florence had chemistry from the start, which turned out to be great for the movie.”the source follows and says that what happened between the actors was nothing more than a make-out “One night they had a little makeout, all very informal and fun, it was nothing more than that”.

According to the insider, the event became gossip among the film’s crew, as everyone thought Florence was in her old relationship, with actor Zach Braff, “It ended up becoming gossip among some members of the production, otherwise no one would have known about it. Harry was single at the time and Florence had just broken up with Zach Braff, but nobody knew why she didn’t want it in the headlines.”commented.

At the time Olivia and Harry’s relationship was revealed, there were reports that the director of ‘Don’t Worry, Honey’ was cheating on her then-husband Jason Sudeikis, with whom she has two children, Otis and Daisy. The couple’s ex-nanny, went public and gave reports of how the discovery of the relationship was for her ex-husband, “He was furious, talking about how she’d followed up with a boyband star. And even found out about the cast dinner at Palm Springs, where she first kissed him” she claims that he even lay on the floor in front of the filmmaker’s car to stop her from meeting the singer “So Jason went outside and lay under her car so she couldn’t get out. […] He said he was doing this to make her late for her date with Harry Styles.”

However, the source of ‘The Sun’, claims that there was no type of betrayal, from the parties involved “There was no betrayal or anything wrong with anyone. But later on, Harry and Olivia started spending more time together, hanging out at cafes, sharing the same trailers and sharing some intimacies.”

There were reports from the international press that tension existed between the actresses shortly before the film’s release, as Florence was irritated by Harry and Olivia’s displays of affection in public. Pugh still attended the film’s premiere at the ‘Venice Festival’, but was not seen with the couple and did not give interviews to journalists.

Featured photo: Harry Styles, Olivia Wilde and Florence Pugh. Reproduction / Instagram

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