Images show how criminals stole cell phones at Oktoberfest

On the morning of this Friday, 28, the City of Blumenau presented the security balance at Oktoberfest 2022, pointing to an 80% reduction in the number of cell phone thefts. While in 2019 there were 544, this year there were 109. Check out all the data here.

According to the security commission, in addition to a greater number of professionals and police officers working, the technology used at the party was another main reason for this reduction. That’s because, there were some news of arrests made at the party, after criminals were found through cameras that had facial recognition.

In addition to the numbers, the city hall also released a video this Friday showing how criminals acted during the party to steal cell phones. The images show, for example, a pair of Peruvian women who committed thefts during a “train” at the party.

One of them was even arrested after being located by the cameras and the facial recognition app. Remember here the details of the case and arrest.

Safety data at Oktoberfest


The party involved 250 security guards and 50 firefighters. In addition, Civil Police agents, clerks and delegates, and more than 130 military police officers also participated and provided security for the party.

The PM garrison had patrols inside and outside the Vila Germanica Park, ostensible motorized policing with cars and motorcycles, bike patrol, mounted policing, with the support of cavalry, in addition to specialized support policing (Tactical, Kennel and Rocam).


200 smart cameras were used (20% more than in 2019), 50 of which were dedicated to facial recognition of visitors – recognition of 40 faces per second. In 2019 the technology was 16 faces per second.

In addition, seven speed domes were used (360° video cameras, with optical zoom, remotely controlled), surveillance belt, well-te-vi system).

With the use of the Military Police database and the facial recognition devices used at the party, it was possible to make nine arrests of people who were fugitives – with an open arrest warrant. When they were filmed, the software beeped an alert and security forces made the arrests.

Occurrence Bulletins

The Military and Civil Police registered 145 police reports during Oktoberfest. Of these, 74 were registered as Punga theft – without the victim noticing the robbery. In addition, 547 items were lost and found and 156 were returned to the owners.

cell phone theft

Compared to the 2019 edition of the party, there was an 80% decrease in cell phone thefts. In 2019, 544 were stolen. This year, just 109.

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See behind the scenes of the royal choice of the 38th Oktoberfest Blumenau

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