In a World Cup year, Vinicius Jr. reaches 10th personal sponsor, and account will still increase

Vinicius Jr. is one of the names of the most prestigious Brazilian team in the advertising market, and reached the 10th personal sponsorship before the World Cup

Although he still hasn’t established himself as an absolute starter with coach Tite, Vinicius Jr. is one of the names of Brazilian Team most prestigious in the advertising market. Less than a month before the tournament in Qatar, the youngster from Real Madrid reached his tenth personal sponsor.

The most recent contract was signed with the Pepsiwhich joined with nine other brands that already supported Vinicius: Nike, EA Sports, Vivo, Casas Bahia, BetNacional, OneFootball, JetEngage, Golden Concept and Royaltiz.

And the account should still increase soon, with agreements already forwarded by the team that works with the Brazilian striker. The tendency is for two brands, one national and one international, to be announced as partners even before the world Cup.

The national sponsor already has a date to be announced, November 11th. The international has yet to be scheduled, but the plan is that it will also happen before the dispute in Qatar.

The uncertainty happens due to pending issues still being dealt with behind the scenes with the Real Madrid. That’s because all the player’s sponsorship contracts go through the merengue club first.

Vinicius Jr. is the right name in Tite’s squad list for the Cup that will be announced on November 7th. His starting position, however, is still uncertain, as the competition in his position is one of the strongest at the moment in the Brazilian team.

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