In addition to Endrick, 5 other young people may have space in 2023

Owner of one of the most successful bases in Brazil in recent years, Palmeiras may have new young people integrated into the main cast definitively next season. The Verdão fan is used to seeing the Cris da Academia with important participations in recent titles, and the bet on the boys should remain for 2023.

Coach Abel Ferreira himself has already admitted that the club should not make big moves in the market, betting on athletes trained at home, as he declared at the press conference after the victory over Avaí.

“The kids are the future of the club. I hear the noise, especially on the internet, that we have to hire and, in fact, we don’t have to hire anyone,” said the coach.

“If we sign, it will be one or two players, no more, and if we sign. We will value all the work that is done, we will make very few changes, because we believe in all the work that is done”, he continued.

Names like Danilo and Gabriel Menino have consolidated themselves as important in recent years. During the current season, left-back Vanderlan took advantage of the chances he received and became Piquerez’s immediate backup. More recently, Endrick emerged as the great jewel of Palmeiras this cycle, and was crowned with his first two goals as a professional last Tuesday, in the victory over Athletico-PR.

Just like the 16-year-old boy, other youngsters complete a transition group between the under-20 squad and the professional, completing training sessions with Abel Ferreira’s team. In 2023, some of them may be integrated into the top team and given more opportunities.


Competition on the right-back is great, with Marcos Rocha and Mayke raising the bar in the dispute in the sector. The season for both is so good that, in this decisive straight of the Brasileirão, Mayke won the spot on the right side of the attack.

Even so, the 20-year-old Garcia can be part of the main squad for good in 2023. Praised by coach Abel Ferreira on more than one occasion, the side played five games for the top team this season and has been linked to the recent games in this final stretch of Brasileirão.


In defense, Palmeiras is well served by Gustavo Gómez, Murilo, Luan and Kuscevic. Defensive solidity goes through the good performances of the quartet, which fluctuates little in performance. Thus, it is a position in which the dispute is always complicated, but the boy Naves can also be used more frequently in the next season.

In 2022, the 20-year-old defender lives his last season at the Palmeiras base and also played two matches with the main squad, in the victories against Juventude and Santos, in the first round of the Brasileirão.


Another name that should receive more opportunities in 2023 is midfielder Fabinho. With Danilo monitored by European football, the youngster can be accredited as his successor in the midfield of Verdão.

One of the leaders of the under-20 squad, Fabinho is also well evaluated within the club and by coach Abel Ferreira. In 2022, he played six games with the professional team, four for the Brasileirão and two for Libertadores.

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Another athlete of the 2002 generation that has stood out in the under-20 squad is attacking midfielder Jhon Jhon. Owner of the number 10 jersey, the player is one of the team’s protagonists and is also closely watched by the coaching staff.

With the departure of Gustavo Scarpa at the end of the season, Bruno Tabata has already been hired with the aim of being the replacement for the role. Still, the vacancy in the sector will open from 2023, and Jhon Jhon can take advantage of it to gain more opportunities.


Great promise of the Palmeiras base categories, striker Giovani is carefully worked so that he can be integrated into the professional squad next season. At 18, he is well regarded by coach Abel Ferreira and played 14 games with the first team in 2021.

In the current season, Giovani suffered from injuries and lived a difficult year. He played five matches in the first half, but underwent arthroscopy in his right ankle and suffered a muscle injury at the end of September. In recent days, he returned to training normally and completing the activities of the squad commanded by Abel Ferreira.

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