Interpol warns of growing crimes in the metaverse

The tools and innovations available in the metaverse can also be used to develop new types of cyber crimes, as well as facilitating illicit practices in the real world. The alert was given by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) on Thursday (27).

In an interview with Reuters, the entity’s executive director of technology and innovation, Madan Oberoi, gave an example of how this would happen. “If a terrorist group wants to attack a physical space, they can use that space (metaverse) to plan, simulate, and launch their drills before they attack,” he explained.

Phishing and other scams virtual frauds they would also have the possibility to reach “a new level” by taking advantage of the combination of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Oberoi also mentioned issues related to the safety of children online as another concern for Interpol.

Interpol is already present in the metaverse with its virtual unit.Interpol is already present in the metaverse with its virtual unit.Source: Interpol/Disclosure

The European Union Agency for Police Cooperation (Europol) was also concerned about the possibility of increasing crimes in the metaverse. In a recent report, the entity pointed out that terrorist groups can use the virtual world, in the future, to defend their causes, recruit and train new members.

virtual police station

Europol also cited other illicit uses of the virtual environment that have worried European authorities, such as the tracking of personal information by stalkers and those interested in extorting someone. This would happen if interactions in the digital world were recorded on blockchain, as the agency explained.

Thinking of ways to combat these practices, Interpol launched a kind of police station in the metaverse. Presented during the 90th General Assembly of the agency, in India, last week, the project is already functional and is a virtual version of the entity’s headquarters, which is in France.

O Interpol Metaverse, as the initiative was titled, allows officers to participate in training, exchange information and perform other tasks using their avatars.

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