‘Jorginho said a great truth at the press conference’

Jorginho said a great truth in the post-game press conference, in the 3-2 that Sampaio Correia imposed on Vasco, in São Januário: he was responsible for the bad performance of the team! If not the only, sure, the greatest. Something that scares because it already happened in the previous game…

After pushing Nenê away in the first 60 minutes against Criciúma, being saved by himself in the final half hour, he returns him to the starting position. He makes Palácios de steering wheel by invention and, because it worked for a few minutes of that game, he decides to remake it – now from the beginning.

Vasco’s team has a weak line of defense, tolerable like their last ones, which only works reasonably if well structured from double protection – both in the middle and on the sides. With Marlon and Figueiredo (or Pec) on the sides and Andrei and Yuri Lara in the middle. That simple.

And that’s where the invention comes from: working on Yuri Lara, a structural part of this defensive phase, to “test” Palácios, a tactically anarchic Chilean, who works as an offensive emergency. And the most serious thing: he took the “solution” from his vest pocket three rounds from the end of Serie B. Too much…

Vasco lost to an opponent who meets the table, with a reserve goalkeeper who hasn’t played since July, the chance to end his passage through Series B in front of his fans. Unstructured, stuck in his tactical limitations and lacking in fiber and emotional intelligence. Apathetic.

If you get access, it’s a conspiracy of the universe. Because those responsible for football have no idea what Vasco is – “THEY DON’T”! The club’s CEO is omitted out of fear of his sentimental connection with his rival, and the poor executive of the portfolio still doesn’t know what he’s doing in office…

Not to mention the president’s aides who open doors and windows of his office for the appearance of the clueless senator who, 72 hours after the polarized election that divides society, almost set fire to the magazine filled with irritation and alcohol: an explosive mixture in a space destined for vascainismo .

Finally, it is just like Fernando Lima, the popular Zé Colmeia, who is already a “symbolic fan” of the club, coined: “Vasco is for those who believe”. And, amazingly, even with so much incompetence, they multiply on difficult days and are more and more numerous. And they have my respect and admiration.

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