Justice condemns goalkeeper Bruno to pay R$ 650 thousand for Eliza’s murder – 10/27/2022

The Justice of Mato Grosso do Sul sentenced Bruno Fernandes, former Flamengo goalkeeper, to pay an indemnity of R$ 650.96 thousand to his son and the family of Eliza Samudio, murdered by him in 2010. The action was brought by his mother. by Eliza on behalf of Bruninho, the model’s son with Bruno, who is now 12 years old. According to Judge Deni Luis Dalla Riva, of the 6th Civil Court of the District of Campo Grande, the boy, who was a newborn at the time of the crime, “was subjected to a situation of extreme violence”.

“It is necessary to consider that in addition to the conduct that culminated in the murder of his mother, the author [Bruninho] He was also subjected to a situation of extreme violence, especially because he was also kidnapped and held in captivity together with Eliza Silva Samudio, witnessing, even at a young age, all sorts of physical and psychological suffering that was imposed on her.”

The news of the conviction was published by the website “Notícias da TV” and confirmed by the UOL Esporte. As this is a decision in the first instance, Bruno can still appeal. Wanted by the report, the goalkeeper said he will appeal.

Sonia Moura, Bruninho’s grandmother, had asked for compensation of R$ 6.4 million between moral and material damages, but the judge fixed a lower amount: R$ 150,96 thousand in material damages and R$ 500 thousand in moral damages.

Bruno was sentenced in 2013 to 22 years in prison for the death of Eliza, a model he met when he played for Flamengo. The sentence became final (at which time there is no longer any possibility of appeal). Today, the former goalkeeper serves the remainder of his sentence at home, but continues to have legal problems. He claims to be living under financial difficulties and needs help from friends to pay bills.

In August, Bruno had an arrest warrant decreed for non-payment of alimony to Bruninho, but managed to get out of jail after crowdfunding and paying off the R$90,000 debt. The former player recently returned to the news by declaring support for the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

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