Leonardo DiCaprio invests in vegan shoes

The actor and producer Leonardo DiCaprio is investing in vegan shoes made in Portugal by vegan brand LØCI, founded by Emmanuel Eribo and Philippe Homsy. DiCaprio is among investors who have committed more than $4.6 million to the brand in a new round of funding.

Founded in April 2021, LØCI has used raw materials such as plastic taken from the ocean and gained visibility also for having among its footwear fans names such as Ben Affleck, Mila Kunis and Eva Longoria.

According to the company, it pays a premium for certified eco-friendly materials and has been working to reduce waste in the production system.

“For most consumer brands today, success is measured by sales and popularity,” says LØCI CEO Emmanuel Eribo.

“At LØCI, we believe that there is a third pillar as important as these two, impact. The more positive the impact, the more successful we are. Today it is essential that we make more than a fantastic product. We are here to change things. That’s why it’s always important to think differently, to swim against the tide.”

The company highlights that it has already converted 982,000 plastic bottles into materials for its shoes. In addition, it informs that it has donated 10% of the profits from online sales to wildlife conservation institutions.

The brand also says it is committed to establishing more horizontal and democratic relationships in the fashion industry.

“LØCI is about working with people who believe in our mission and see the world as we do,” adds Eribo. “It has always been more than shoes, we exist to make a difference and we are delighted to have Leo[nardo DiCaprio] on this journey with us.”

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