Man Swallows Crab Alive in China in Act of Revenge

A 39-year-old man has contracted a serious parasitic infection in an apparent act of revenge in China. Identified only as Lu, the Chinese from Zheijang saw a crab attack his daughter and swallowed the animal while it was still alive, according to doctors interviewed by the site south China Morning Post

The man was hospitalized two weeks after eating the animal, with severe back pain. Test results indicated pathological changes in the chest, abdomen, liver and digestive system, according to the website.

according to south China Morning Post, it was Lu’s wife who told the doctors about the episode involving the crab and gave clues to discover the disease that hit the Chinese.

Asked by doctors if he had already taken a similar attitude before, that could explain some type of allergy, the Chinese denied it.

“I asked him: ‘Why did you eat a live crab?’. He said: ‘I wanted revenge for my daughter,” reported the director of the hospital where the Chinese man was hospitalized.

Blood tests showed that at least three parasites were found in Lu’s body after ingesting the crustacean.

Eating live crabs is common in many areas of China, but doctors advise people not to eat the crustaceans raw, so parasites and bacteria are killed in the cooking.

crab - Reproduction - Reproduction

Doctors reported the unusual case to Chinese media

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