Netflix Announces Release Date For The Adams Family’s ‘Wednesday’

The long-awaited seriesWednesday“, centered on the character of the Addams Family, already has a date to debut in Netflix: November 23. The 10-episode program is directed by Tim Burton and will be starring Jenna Ortega as Wednesday (Wandinha), Luis Guzmán as Gomez, Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia and Isaac Ordonez as Pugsley.

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When the series was first announced along with its cast, it was the subject of a lot of criticism, because many regretted that Christina Ricci, who played ‘Wandinha’ perfectly in the iconic 1991 film, was not in the cast.

Fans of the famous family were only relieved to see the trailer for the series, which showed that the actors chosen were truly up to the challenge of playing these characters.

Netflix had intended to release the series for Halloween (October 31), but the platform has other productions related to the theme, and so they chose to launch the show the day before the long Thanksgiving holiday.

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A source commented on the decision: “Netflix is ​​already packed with horror content due to release in October and to play Wednesday in the midst of it all would be wasting its potential, with a top-notch director like Tim Burton and a top-notch cast.”


The newly released movie “blonde“, from Netflix, which supposedly portrays part of the life of Marilyn Monroe is being attacked by critics. Starred by Ana de Armassome praised the performance of the Cuban-born actress, but many complain that the film is far from being a biography of the famous artist, sex symbol of American cinema in the 1950s and 1960s.

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One of the first criticisms the film received was due to De Armas’ accent, when the production had not yet been released. Many considered that another actress should have starred in the story.

Now Emily Ratajkowski is the latest celebrity to criticize “Blonde”, complaining that the biography doesn’t portray what Marilyn Monroe and her life were like. In the opinion of the model and actress, the story only creates a fanciful idea about Marilyn.

Emily shared her thoughts on her TikTok saying, “I’m not surprised to hear it’s yet another movie that ‘fetishizes’ female pain, even in death… We love fetishizing female pain… We’re obsessed with dead girls and serial killers,” she criticized. , also referring to the Netflix series about serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Her criticisms have drawn attention amid speculation that she is dating Brad Pitt, who is one of the film’s producers.

And Emily continued to criticize the production, although she admitted that she hadn’t seen the full movie: “As women – I mean, I can say this for myself for sure – but I’ve learned how to fetishize my own pain and my own hurt in my life… that can be treated,” he said, adding that women find it “kind of sexy to be a fucked up girl.”

“[Se eu ver o filme] I’m going to be angry,” he concluded.

On Twitter many users also complained:

“Did anyone make it past the 20th minute of the movie?”. “Someone else gave up [de ver o filme] after 20 minutes?”. “This film is pure fiction, it cannot be considered biography”, were some of the comments.

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