Nubank is in partnership with the famous online store Shopee. This partnership is yielding many advantages for store lovers who are Nu credit card customers, the main one being the cashback of up to R$1,500.00 every month.

According to what was informed by Nubank, with every purchase that people make on Shopee and pay with the bank’s credit card, they will have the possibility to get the money again.

First, it is important to remember that the amounts that will be considered for cashback do not include the price charged for shipping. The return percentage will also depend on the purchase price. An example would be a purchase totaling R$100.00 in which the amount to be returned would be 5% of that amount, or R$5.00.

The deadline for returning the money is up to 90 days. It is worth remembering that customers need to wait at least 1 hour to make another purchase if they want to receive cashback.

Activating Cashback

In order to receive the money, you must activate the “cashback” option in your Nubank app. See the step by step:

  • Have the Nubank app installed on your smartphone and open it;
  • Click on the “shopping” symbol on the home page;
  • Choose the Shopee offer
  • Then read the information about the rules and operation of this tool and activate cashback.
  • Soon after, the service will have already been activated.
  • Finally, go to the shoppe app or website and see the offers that give access to cashback.

PIX limit

Another thing that the Nubank app allows its customers is to change the limit value of Pix transfers. As some scams are applied through Pix, this is a way for users to feel more secure about the amount of money that can be moved, both at night and during the day.

Here’s how to change the Pix transfer limit:

  • Open the bank app;
  • Click on “Pix Area”;
  • Access the Nubank application;
  • Click on “Configure Pix” and then “My Pix Limits”;
  • After editing the transfer limits, enter the 4-digit password and confirm;
  • Finally, wait 24 to 48 hours given by the bank for confirmation.

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