Oral sex behind the wheel: expert explains whether controversy in Australia would be a crime in Brazil – Rádio Itatiaia

An Australian driver was fined AU$1,087 and received four points on his license for driving while receiving oral sex. According to the report published by Daily Mail Australia this week, the country’s transit authorities considered the act “high risk”.

The case involving the Australian driver took place earlier this month in Queensland. The state Department of Transportation issued a statement on the case. “The passenger’s behavior would have resulted in a notice of infraction relating to passengers not wearing or incorrectly wearing seat belts,” the note sent to the Daily Mail said.

Another department representative said the driver engaged in “high-risk behavior” behind the wheel, and the act could cause a serious or fatal accident. It’s in Brazil? What would happen to that driver? The report of Itatiaia talked to two experts to clear the doubt.

“In the case of Brazilian legislation, this type of attitude could generate a traffic violation and a fine for driving without attention or without the indispensable care and safety”, explained lawyer Felipe Saliba. “The couple could also be notified for committing an obscene act in public,” he added.

Roberta Torres, a traffic specialist, explains that the Brazilian traffic code does not specify this type of situation. “But it could fit into two other articles. The first one is what it says about driving without attention and without the essential care for safety. In this case, the traffic code considers a light infraction with a fine of R$88 and three points in the wallet” , said

An electronic surveillance record caught the sexual act in Queensland and went viral on social media. In the images, you can see the woman with her face down next to the driver’s lap.

The specialist also explains that, in the photo, it is possible to observe that the passenger is not wearing her seat belt. “This could generate a serious infraction with a fine of R$195 and five points on the driver’s license,” she added.

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