Philco’s Best Wireless Headphone | PFO04 | PFO06 | PFO03 | PFO05 Concert | hands-on

Philco’s new line of headphones has arrived to meet all tastes and needs. From people who want an accessory to work, to those who are looking for a headset to do their physical activities.

They stand out for delivering complete comfort and wireless connection, that is, without the need for cables. After all, which one is best for you? We will explain it to you in detail in this hands-on.

for leisure time

Do you want a headset to listen to your favorite music, series and movies when you need to relax, without having to suffer from the sounds of the outside? The solution to eliminate distractions is the Philco PFO04BTP.

I liked this one especially on days off, when I forget about the world and want to spend the whole time marathoning a series, without being interrupted or thinking about charging the phone. He’s perfect for moments like that.

With it, there’s the so-called active noise cancellation, which softens the noise around you to gain more immersion in your listening experience. In other words, you can enjoy any audio or video at your leisure without being interrupted by the environment around you.

The accessory not only brings comfort in terms of sound insulation, but also in terms of its material. This model has a padded shell, so you can edit a playlist or marathon a series without any external discomfort. Outside the bow with size adjustment, to have the ideal fit on your head.

And there’s more. The autonomy of up to 30 hours allows you to enjoy all that time without having to pause your entertainment to put it to charge. In case you forget to put it in the socket, it also has a P2 cable input, which makes it possible to connect by wire without worrying about the battery.

for physical activities

Do you enjoy doing physical activities listening to good music or listening to the radio, without losing the demand for good audio? In this case, the Philco PFO06BTA may be the most suitable alternative to have an experience without losing any detail.

I tested this one while working out and my experience couldn’t be better. I was able to listen to my favorite songs and still stay on top of the latest news on the radio. And of course, without losing style during training.

Here you can listen to your favorite music, movies, series and even radio stations in a single accessory. That’s because it has an SD card slot, in case you prefer to save your music to enjoy the moment even if you don’t have your cell phone or computer close by, like at a gym or during your routine exercises.

The FM radio can also be tuned directly to the headphones, without the need for any external device. This means that you will have complete independence to choose how you will use it.

The bass and treble of this headphone are designed for you to feel the most varied emotions. And the best: with quick access buttons, to control all the functions of the headset directly on it, even if you need to answer a call without stopping your activity.

Comfort and ergonomics are guaranteed by the folding arch with height adjustment, to ensure a perfect fit for anyone during the 12 hours of duration. And if you need to plug it in, fast charging provides a full battery in less than three hours.

for day to day

Are you one of those audiophiles, who are passionate about good sound and enjoy listening intensely? Philco PFO03BTA meets these requirements well. Here you can enjoy everything from the moments when you just want to listen to good music, to when you want to consume your favorite podcasts.

When I’m done with my workday and I want to listen to good music for other personal tasks, I put on this headphone, play a nice playlist, and whatever I’m doing is much more enjoyable with the quality sound that the accessory brings me.

It comes with a battery that lasts up to 22 hours, in addition to having height adjustment and 90 degree rotatable shells, to maintain comfort without worrying about having to plug it in. Good for those who don’t want to be without a sound on a daily basis, in any situation or place where they are.

It has a Bluetooth connection, so you don’t need any cables. But if you want to save the battery, you can also connect via a P2 cable. Apart from the three buttons to control play, volume and playback mode much easier.

to work

Finally, think about that headphone you can take to work and enjoy your sound for as long as it takes, with maximum quality? We arrived at Philco PFO05BTSG.

I tested this phone while I was working and it served me very well to switch between tasks without losing quality. You can listen to good music until you start a meeting, and then continue with the conference headset without any hassle or difficulty.

It comes with a Hands Free feature, which allows you to take calls on the way or even while you work, without stopping what you’re doing. Apart from its multifunction buttons, which turn on, play, pause and control the accessory’s volume very easily.

The headphone still has the noise canceling module, which gives the ideal acoustic isolation for you to have the best music experience. The 90-degree rotating shells and height adjustment ensure all comfort, so you don’t have to be a nuisance during the entire service.

And speaking of time, it’s up to 30 hours of battery life. So, you won’t have to worry about having to go out with a charger or having to look for an outlet outside the house. And when you have to recharge, in less than 3 hours, the process will be completed.

So, have you found out which is the ideal headphone for you in the new Philco line? Say in the space below which model best meets your needs.

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