Referee reports flags in Cruzeiro crowd; club can be punished

Cruzeiro fans after the victory over Novorizontino
photo: Staff Images/Cruise

Cruzeiro fans after the victory over Novorizontino

Referee Marcelo de Lima Henrique (CE) reported in the summary of Cruzeiro’s 4-1 victory over Novorizontino, this Thursday (27), the use of flares by Cruzeiro residents. Fans used the prohibited artifact during the celebration after the game of the 37th round of Serie B in the visitors’ area of ​​the Jorjão grandstand. “I inform you that after the end of the match, while the players were leaving the field of play, the referee team observed lights lit in the place where the Cruzeiro (sic) team fans were”, says the referee’s report on the score sheet.

The use of flags can generate punishment for Cruzeiro. Similar cases are usually judged based on article 213 of the Brazilian Sports Justice Code (STJD). As a punishment, the club can receive a fine of R$100 to R$100 thousand or lose from one to ten field orders.

What does the CBJD say?

Art. 213. Failing to take measures capable of preventing and repressing:

I – disorders in your sports venue; § 1 When the disorder, invasion or launch of an object is of high severity or causes damage to the progress of the sporting event, the practice entity may be punished with the loss of command of the field from one to ten matches, events or equivalent, when participating of the official competition;

Cruise recurrence

This could be Cruzeiro’s second punishment due to the use of flags by fans in the stands. In April, the

Novorizontino 1 x 4 Cruzeiro: photos from the match for Serie B

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