Roberto Jefferson no longer has legal authorization to own guns

Roberto Jefferson (PTB)
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Roberto Jefferson (PTB)

the former deputy Roberto Jefferson
(PTB) had canceled the certificate of collector, marksman and hunter ( CAC
) and cannot legally possess weapons
in your power. Still, the Armed forces
want to notify the politician, who has been in prison since last Sunday, about the decision.

Jefferson’s situation with the CAC was already irregular, due to a decision that suspended the former PTB president’s right to have weapons outside Brasília. Last weekend, several weapons were found in the former deputy’s residence located in Rio de Janeiro.

The Army notification was sent by the Command of the 1st Military Region to Seap and also forwarded to the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Jefferson Prison

On Sunday morning (23), the Federal Police went to Roberto Jefferson’s house in Comendador Levy Gasparian, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro, to fulfill an arrest warrant determined by the Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) Alexandre de Moraes. The former parliamentarian, however, resisted detention for eight hours and even exchanged fire with the agents.

On that occasion, Jefferson threw three grenades. Under the Army’s system, his license was suspended and he could not have or transport weapons outside Brasilia. Due to the non-compliance, the Army opened an administrative proceeding to investigate the case. The PF also launched an investigation in the criminal sphere.

The politician only turned himself in at night, around 7pm. The former president of the PTB was under house arrest with an electronic anklet and had to return to the penitentiary system after Moraes’ decision.

The former parliamentarian was indicted by the Federal Police on Monday (24) for four attempted murders due to the two officers who were injured with shrapnel while serving an arrest warrant and two others, who were in a vehicle, but not were hit.

During the custody hearing, Jefferson said he would like to meet Moraes in person.

“If Minister Alexandre de Moraes were the head of the stagecoach, things would be different. If he had the courage to face me,” Jefferson said.

And he added: “It’s not a judge-jurisdiction thing, it turned from man to man. He humiliated me and my Ana. He has the same fiber, as I have, the audacity of the scoundrels. to discuss it.”

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