Santander opens 80 job vacancies with a salary of R$ 4.2 thousand; see how to apply

Santander, through F1RST, its technology company, is offering 80 jobs for people who have some type of physical, hearing or visual impairment. What’s more, candidates are not required to have experience. The opportunities will be in the development parts and in the technical support center for employees.

The salary offered is R$ 4,200 per month, including several benefits offered by the company. Hiring is under the CLT regime and offers transportation vouchers, meal vouchers, health and dental plans, and life insurance.

Santander’s initiative intends for professionals to undergo a technology learning process of up to three months. That is, in addition to being hired for the job, employees will have access to extensive content for professional qualification.

How do I apply to work at Santander?

To be part of the company’s team of workers, it is necessary to like technology and be determined to learn daily. Candidates must be over 18 years of age, have the flexibility to work from 9 am to 6 pm and have completed high school.

If you are interested in the selection process, registration must be made by October 31, on the Santander program platform. The company will review your profile to see if it matches the opportunity.

Here’s how to apply for the job:

  • First, access the platform to learn about opportunities;
  • Then do interactive tests;
  • Watch all classes and take the tests;
  • Fill in all the necessary data;
  • Finally, apply for the job and good luck.

F1RST, Technology company

F1RST is a company of the Santander group that has more than 3 thousand professionals throughout the country. It promotes cutting-edge technology and innovation for the entire environment of Santander, which is the best international bank operating in Brazil.

The team of collaborators is composed of people who have the same purpose. The brand’s objective is to encourage people to have empowerment, individuality and potential, so that they are always ahead.

The purpose of the platform is to offer a different experience that adds more value to its future employees. For this reason, the technology company became a partner of TAQE, an application that prepares young people so that they are inserted in the best opportunities.

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