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Nubank is one of the fintechs with the most active customers and the fastest growing in the country. Due to its constant innovation, the “roxinho” bank launches novelties that are often adhered to by other financial institutions. This Tuesday, the 25th, it was the turn of the slips paid on the Nubank credit card to be updated.

Fintech announced that it will create an additional limit for the purpose of paying credit card slips. According to the company, this new functionality has been tested internally for a while and will be made available to its customers gradually. The novelty has already been released to some users since the 25th.

Also according to the company, this new tool comes to increase the functionality of its platform, where the customer can pay the slips without compromising the limit imposed on their credit card.

Higher tickets and limits

This higher limit given by the bank for payments in boletos is a way out for those who had some unforeseen and needed to make an emergency account, but who choose to pay by card because this way they can centralize and control their payments.

It is worth remembering that this limit will not be standardized, and will vary from client to client. The amount that will be made available by the bank will depend on an analysis made by an algorithm of the fintech itself, which will analyze the customer’s profile, the amount of credit that person has and the financial transactions that he makes.

Thus, the added limit will not be fixed, and may change over time, either for less or more.

According to the company, this new tool will serve as a test to observe how these limits given by the bank are received by customers. For now, it is only for payment of boletos, but Nubank intends to expand this method in the future to other products and solutions.

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