Series of the twins with Michelle Monaghan displaces Sandman from the most watched worldwide on Netflix

THE Netflix updated its ranking of most viewed productions on the platform last week (22 to 28 August).

On the part of movies, the comedy Family Vacation (Me Time) with actors Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg dominated the most watched list on Netflix worldwide. There were 59,230,000 hours seen in the period.

In its second week, the drama Look Both Ways was viewed for 29,890,000 hours. It was fewer hours than last week, but still enough hours to leave the film in second position worldwide.

The final film in the 365 Days franchise, The Next 365 Days took third place and clocked a new 27,010,000 hours worldwide.

The Top 10 Global Films is this:

Photo: Netflix Playback

In the series part, the series Echos, starring actress Michelle Monaghan, displaced Sandman from the number one position worldwide, in the non-English language series category. The attraction moved from #5 to #1 in its second week. There were new 68,490,000 hours watched worldwide.

In its fourth week, Sandman clocked a new 53,790,000 hours. Maybe the renewal decision or does it come after the series ends its initial 28-day period?

And the third season of Never Never… continues to do well. In its third week, the attraction moved to third place with 25,640,000 hours worldwide.

And no national series was in the global ranking of non-English language productions in the period. The drama Bom Dia, Verônica follows in the list of global productions ranking in 7th place.

Check it out below.

The Top 10 Global Series is this:

Photo: Netflix Playback

In Brazil, the Top of Films and Series in the period looked like this:

Netflix Methodology

Every Tuesday, Netflix releases a list of the 10 most watched productions, whether movies or series, which are divided into the following categories: Film (Spoken in English), TV (Spoken in English), Film (Productions in Non-English Language). English) and TV (non-English language productions).

The platform delivers the weekly numbers in HOURS VIEWED format, that is, the total number of hours that users worldwide watched each title from Monday to Sunday of the past week.

Movies are considered for their total length, and series for the total length of each season. It will usually be possible to appear in the Stranger Things season 2 and 3 list for example. Netflix also shows how many times each title appears on the list.

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