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The garment of the season is a dress so incomparable that you won’t find another one like it.

One of the most popular apps is back in fashion. The result is a proposal that will stand out.

Feathers are back.

The year 2022 has been a constant journey through time. Several styles are returning from the past to the world of contemporary fashion, most of them not very discreet. One of the applications returned to the limelight that refers to the cabarets and Parisian houses of the 20s — such as the iconic Moulin Rouge — and was used by the dancers who danced in these spaces full of life. We are talking, of course, about the feathers that were not lacking in her looks.

Although many people detest them, the group that advocates the use of this chic addition is also huge. If the protagonist of the movie “Moulin Rouge!”, played by Nicole Kidman, did not give up on them, the trend has conquered its place off-screen. Since the first months of the year, several of the most popular stores among Portuguese women are putting feathers in corsets, tops, blazers and, of course, dresses. Massimo Dutti decided to join the fever.

The detail is showy, but it doesn’t become excessive.

The pink model of the Spanish brand represents pure femininity and elegance and could have come out of a fashion show at a luxury house. The silk dress, with a shiny finish, doesn’t have a heavily crafted silhouette. There is, however, the concern with the modeling — everything so that the piece does justice to the feminine curves and stands out for its comfort, either because of the thin straps or the lightness of the fabric.

The feather detail, which adorns the straight neckline, elevates the design of a proposal that could be haute couture. It adds a little theatricality and classic glamor to the brand’s catalog, which is already known for its sophistication. At the bottom, there is a side opening, one of the most popular details of the year and which has become an important ally in the most delicate dresses.

The dress costs €179 and you can buy it on the Massimo Dutti website. It is available in sizes XS and L. If you are aware of trends, you must already know that pink is occupying a central place in the women’s wardrobe. Click on the gallery and discover a selection of pieces and accessories in the tone that is and will continue to be in fashion in the coming months.

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Pull&Bear Wallet. It costs €9.99.

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