The Gazette | Geovani Silva is hospitalized and undergoes tests at a hospital in ES

The former player was hospitalized to treat swelling in some parts of the body and is still not expected to be discharged.

Geovani is hospitalized
Geovani is hospitalized. (Personal Collection)

Posted on October 27, 2022 at 4:40 pm

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Vasco’s idol, Geovani Silva, from Espírito Santo, has been hospitalized since Monday (24) at Hospital MedSénior, in Vitória. With swelling throughout his body, the former player undergoes a battery of tests and has no date set for his medical discharge.

With excessive tiredness, Geovani Silva started to feel bad in the last week. A person close to the former Brazilian champion athlete of 1989 indicates that Vasco’s idol was not feeling well and the situation remained during the weekend.

“I had an issue with swelling. The doctor thought it was better for me to stay here. When I came in for the exam, he said: “no, it will stay there.” Accumulation of fluid. This is making me bloated, swollen. exams and I’m staying here straight,” he told ge.

The “Little Prince of the Hill” even considered a thyroid change. In 2015, the former player overcame spinal cancer, but dismisses any concerns related to the battle fought over the last decade.

“I already had this swelling, but we think it will get better. The doctor looked at me and when I took off my shirt I had a swollen belly, my leg too. I’m staying here and everything is going well, thank God. I’m going to do catheterization to see if it’s the heart, what it is. But, we always have to work on the exams. The problem I had has already been ruled out, cancer. What I’m feeling has nothing to do with it, which is great thing. But let’s see.”

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