“The guys are going to kick ass”; Neto is not intimidated and wins Copa Libertadores


During the program Donos da Bola, the presenter projected the confrontation valid for Libertadores and nailed the winner

“They're going to crash”;  Neto is not intimidated and wins Copa Libertadores
© Photo: Playback/BAND“They’re going to crash”; Neto is not intimidated and wins Copa Libertadores

Athletico-PR decides next Saturday (29), at 17h, the final of the Copa Libertadores of America in front of Flamengo, which will be broadcast by Star+, at the Estadio Monumental Isidro Romero Carbo, in Guayaquil, Ecuador. During the program Donos da Bola this Thursday (27), the presenter Grandchild nailed it to conquer the Eternal Glory.

Grandchild nailed that the paranaense club will beat the carioca team and win the title of release. The communicator also alerted the CAP on arbitration, which has become stage of controversy of the last matches played by Flamengo. The presenter also highlighted that the arbitration of the confrontation will try to “blast off” with the team at Paraná.

“It will be Athletico (in the Libertadores final). Be careful with the referee, the guys will beat Athletico, but Athletico will do it. Athetico Libertadores champion. I’m with Atletico”, nailed. In addition to highlighting that the Flamengo won’t win the title Grandchild took the opportunity to provoke the team from Rio de Janeiro and affirm that the club has a “outsourced crowd”.

“Botafogo and Santos won the title for us here (Brazilians) and, for me, Botafogo is bigger than Flamengo, Vasco is bigger than Flamengo, Fluminense is bigger than Flamengo. Flamengo thinks it’s bigger than anything, it thinks it’s bigger than Jesus, than Pão de Açúcar, than São Sebastião. It’s a third-party crowd”, said.

To the fans who couldn’t get tickets to watch the final, but don’t want to miss the match, can watch it here in the comfort of your home and cheer. Both teams are already in Ecuador getting ready to play in the final of America’s Liberators.

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