The Walking Dead, Episode 21: Release date and time

Negan in The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 21

After the screening of its first two parts took place a few months ago, now the Part 3 of season 11 of The Walking Dead is being launched by Star+ in Brazil with weekly episodes. But questions about its release format keep coming up: when will the next episode be released, and what will happen in its plot? We’ve gathered the details below.

The Walking Dead: Season 11 episode 21 premiere date and release time

As we have previously highlighted in a text focused on the date and time of release of the next episodes of The Walking Dead Season 11 – Part 3, the series in question will be shown weekly every Sunday. The chapters in question are scheduled to be released by the Star+ always at 23:00. That is, at 11 pm.

Episode 21 of the 11th season of The Walking Dead will then be released on the day October 30, 2022 at the time quoted above.

Tawnia McKiernan assumes the direction of the episode entitled as “Outpost 22”which in turn has the script signed by Frank Darabont. Its duration is expected to be 45 minutes.

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Season 11 consists of 24 episodes divided into three 8-episode parts. It introduces new cast members, including Margot Bingham like Stephanie, Michael James Shaw like Mercer, Laila Robins like Pamela Milton and Josh Hamilton like Lance Hornsby.

Check out the promo for the episode:

About The Walking Dead series

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The Walking Dead is a story that began years ago with a man, Rick Grimes, trying to find his family. This family grew and gradually communities were formed. They fought and survived, prospered and gave birth to a new generation. It’s a tale of humanity and there are more stories to tell.

During the last events of The Walking Deadwe witnessed the fall of Alpha (Samantha Morton) and the end of the war against the Whisperers. The kingdom had fallen, the top of the hill was virtually destroyed and Alexandria abandoned to prepare for the final battle. Our survivors were arrested and separated from each other. However, when faced with an almost certain death, they banded together to fight, killing Beta (Ryan Hurst) and eliminating the threat of the horde.

The second part of season 11 ended with the Commonwealth taking over Alexandria, Hilltop and Oceanside after the conflict between Maggie and Throw. About that, Pamela Milton was also exposed thanks to the work done in partnership by Connie and Kelly alongside Eugene, Rosita, Max, Magna and Ezekiel.

The current cast of the series is formed by Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Cailey Fleming, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Other names that are also part of the project are Nadia Hilker, Angel Theory, Lauren Ridloff, Cooper Andrews, Callan McAuliffe, Eleanor Matsuura, and Cassady McClincy.

The Walking Dead Season 11 – Part 3 is airing on Star+ in Brazil since October 2nd.

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