“There’s another stop…”; Fla fans touch on controversial subject and choose between Dorival Júnior and Jorge Jesus


Current commander of Rubro-Negro has the possibility to equal the mark of Portuguese technical history

Agif/Thiago Ribeiro - Dorival Júnior and Jorge Jesus made history at Flamengo
Agif/Thiago Ribeiro – Dorival Júnior and Jorge Jesus made history at Flamengo

The ball hasn’t even rolled for the Libertadores decision, this Saturday (29), and there’s already a lot of Rubro-Negro dreaming about Real Madrid. That’s because in case of victory against Athletico-PR, Flamengo can compete in the World Cup against Vinícius Júnior’s team. Among the achievements of this generation in Mais Querido, what many fans already question is who was better between Dorival Júnior and Jorge Jesus.

In an ESPN report, some flamenguistas divided opinions between who was the commander who most honored Manto. Of the titles won by Jorge Jesusthe 2019 Brasileirão and Libertadores stand out. Dorival can match the feats with the conquest of America in 2022, right after winning the Copa do Brasil. The grand final against Athletico-PR will have a special broadcast on Star+, where football fans will be able to follow all the details of the decision.

Check out the fans’ opinion about Flamengo’s coaches:

Edilson Mascarenhas

“Man, it’s better than Jorge Jesus. Dorival is going to be America’s champion and two-time World champion. He got us out of that situation and put us in the fourth Libertadores final. He’s going to be better than Jesus.”

Felipe Siqueira

“I think it’s a tie. Because we won the Brazilian and Libertadores with ‘JJ’. If they win the Copa do Brasil and Libertadores, Dorival reaches the level. If they win the World Cup, then it’s another stop, forget it. Jorge Jesus we will never remember again.”

Cristiano Silva

“It’s on the same level as Jorge Jesus. He won the Copa do Brasil, he’s going to win the Libertadores. Jorge Jesus was wild (the football played). But you have to respect Dorival Jr. He fixed the team, he’s arrived now. winning the World Cup passes Jorge Jesus, forget it.”

Hugo Felice

“I believe he passes. Because Flamengo is bigger, we don’t have to depend on Jorge Jesus. Flamengo gave all the conditions to all the coaches and Jorge Jesus had a new idea, but Dorival understands Brazilian football better than Jorge Jesus. He was superb because he believed he could make a choice from any other European team and, until then, he couldn’t. It was only at Flamengo that he stood out from 2019 until now and he blacked out.”

Victor Felice

“Jorge Jesus started the history of Flamengo that it is today. Due to its arrogance, we cannot consider it greater than Flamengo. Dorival managed to restructure what Flamengo do Jesus was and achieving a more Brazilian structure. Using pieces that built this performance for each player. Dorival ‘Brazilian style’ didn’t use Jesus’ arrogance. Jesus gave the ‘start’, we have to look who started, but Dorival is Brazilian. His happiness winning the World Cup is comparable.”

The ball will roll on this Saturday (29), for the big decision of Libertadores. Flamengo and Athletico-PR duel for the main title in America and promise to make a typical confrontation of a giant. If you don’t want to miss this final, ‘watch it here’.

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