This common habit can have serious consequences for you.

O Whatsapp is one of the main communication networks nowadays, thus facilitating the communication between several people all over the world. However, if this tool is misused, it can lead to some serious punishments – damages and convictions.

Therefore, in today’s article we are going to talk about a habit that you should avoid in the application, so as not to bring such consequences to yourself.

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What should the user avoid on WhatsApp?

In social media there is a very common habit that is sharing screenshots. Such “prints” happen improperly, since the individual does not have authorization from the author of the speech or, in other cases, the judicial authorization to share such prints of conversations. Recently, the practice of sharing screenshots was characterized as a crime by the Superior Court of Justice (STJ).

Last year, the former director of Curitiba was convicted of sharing messages from his former team – exposing administrative matters and conversations about the match held. The former director was originated to pay compensation for moral damages, since sharing messages without the consent of the person you are talking to is a lack of privacy and goes against the principle of freedom of information.

However, there are some exceptions that allow sharing private conversations. Check out what they are below:

Exceptions for private conversation disclosures

Disseminating conversations in the application is only allowed when there is a need to protect one’s own right. In addition, another situation that allows the sharing of screenshots is the defense of some right or to be used as evidence to report a crime to the authorities.

However, it is important that you are careful about sharing screenshots, so avoid sharing your private conversations with other people or on other networks.

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