Vasco loses to Sampaio Corrêa and access is for the last game

Vasco lives a drama. Today (27), he got ahead of Sampaio Corrêa, but took the turn, at the end of the game, and lost by 3 to 2, in São Januário, for the penultimate round of Series B. The result left access to the elite of the Brasileirão , who seemed routed, threatened. Two goals were scored in stoppage time.

The game was filled with emotion. Anderson Conceição scored early on for Vasco. But Pará equalized in the first half. In the final stage, Gabriel Poveda put Sampaio Corrêa in front and the match went on like that until added time, when Andrey drew again. Only two minutes later, Joécio defined 3 to 2 for the Bolivia Querida.

The scenario for access depends on Ituano and Londrina. If the team from Paraná wins tomorrow (28), they can still get Vasco if they beat Sampaio Corrêa in the final round and take away the good difference in goal difference. If Ituano wins the Shark, the São Paulo team will play a direct confrontation with Vasco in the last round, in Itu (SP), where whoever wins gets the spot.

Vasco lost for the first time at home in this Series B and has 59 points. Even Sport can reach Vasco in the classification.

The victory still kept Sampaio Corrêa in the fight. With 55 points, if the team from Maranhão beats Londrina in the last round and Bahia doesn’t add any more points, the spot for elite will be defined in the goal difference.

It went well: Gabriel Poveda scores again

Serie B top scorer, Gabriel Poveda took advantage of the only real chance he had to put Sampaio Corrêa ahead in the second half.

It was bad: Palacios misses a lot and leaves at half-time

Palacios was chosen by Jorginho to start as a starter in midfield. The coach drew Yuri with the aim of improving the ball output and creating opportunities for the team. But what happened on the field was exactly the opposite. The Chilean missed many passes and still gave solidity in the center of the field, overloading Andrey. Realizing the flaw, Jorginho changed at halftime and put on Yuri.

encouragement and tension

Coach Jorginho’s team took to the field under shouts of encouragement and, above all, the request for “Let’s go up, Vasco”. The mood of the start of the match mixed with the celebration of the goal, which happened early in the morning.

The final minutes were filled with tension. On the field, the team seemed to lack creativity and legs to reach the opponent’s goal. In the stands, a mix of boos with encouragement.

political fight

Shortly after the whistle that decreed the break, the electoral atmosphere appeared in the stands. While some shouted for Lula, others showed supporters of Bolsonaro. Some, then, pulled corners in favor of the team, to stifle the “fight”.

boos to Batman

After Sampaio Corrêa’s second goal, every time goalkeeper Thiago Rodrigues took the ball, he heard boos and strong criticism from the stands. Shirt 1, at one point in Serie B, came to be popular with the crowd and earned the nickname Batman, for playing with a protective mask.

Vasco’s game: offensive intensity, spaces behind

Vasco was an intense team. From the first minutes, he ran a lot, got to the attack, tried to quickly finish his plays. After three minutes, he scored the first goal of the match with Anderson Conceição. But in the same measure that they looked for the attack, the home team left spaces between its midfield and the defense. So much so that Sampaio Corrêa created their opportunities there, especially in kicks from outside the area.

The equalizing goal came in the early stage. Palacios, started as a starter by choice of Jorginho and was one of those responsible for creating plays, but he missed many passes, leaving the offensive actions exclusively anchored in moves by Nenê and Figueiredo. In the second half, Vasco was all heart. After taking the turn, ‘no abafa’ looked for the equalizer in stoppage time. But he ended up taking the third.

Sampaio Corrêa’s game: always dangerous and looking to finish

Sampaio Corrêa didn’t have much to lose in São Januário. With remote chances of trying for the last spot in Serie A, but already guaranteed in Serie B in 2023 with leftovers, Bolivia Querida had no reason to be scared when they came out behind. Patiently, he found spaces to create chances and was always dangerous. After Pará’s goal, still in the first half, top scorer Gabriel Poveda became more active and generated worrying imbalances in the Vasco defence. So much so that the scorer turned the game around in the second half and suffered a draw in the end, but his team scored another one.

champion visit

Felipe, the Maestro, and the defender Dedé were in São Januário and even went to a part of the lawn (behind the goal) before the ball rolled. Together they won the 2011 Copa do Brasil.

The former number 6 is Vasco’s offspring and one of the club’s idols, where he won several titles.

: 37th round of Serie B
Date and time: 10/27/2022 (Thursday), at 9:45 pm
Place: São Januário stadium, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Referee: Jean Pierre Lima (RS)
auxiliaries: José Eduardo Calza and Michael Stanislau (both from RS)
VAR: Daniel Nobre Bins (RS)
Yellow cards: Edimar, Quintero, Bruno Tubarão (VAS); Joécio, Ferreira, Rafael Vila (SAM)
goals: Anderson Conceição, from Vasco, three minutes into the first half; Pará, from Sampaio Corrêa, in the 17th minute of the first half; Gabriel Poveda, from Sampaio Corrêa, in the 21st minute of the second half; Andrey, from Vasco, in the 51st minute of the second half; Joécio, from Sampaio Corrêa, 53 minutes into the second half;

VASCO: Thiago Rodrigues; Léo Matos (Gabriel Pec), Danilo Boza, Anderson Conceição and Edimar; Palacios (Yuri), Andrey, Nenê (Alex Teixeira) and Marlon Gomes (Bruno Tubarão); Figueiredo and Eguinaldo (Fábio Gomes). Technician: Jorginho

SAMPAIO CORREA: Matheus Inácio (Matheus Poletine); Mateusinho (Pedro Henrique), Joécio, Allan Godói and Pará; André Luiz (Léo Tocantins), Ferreira, Eloir (Lucas Araújo) and Rafael Vila (Warley); Ygor Catatau and Gabriel Poveda. Technician: Léo Condá

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