‘We have good relations with Lula and with Mr Bolsonaro’, says Putin about cooperation between Brazil and Russia

Russian President stated that he sees the Brazilian nation as an important partner and that he does not intend to interfere in the country’s internal disputes.

Kirill KUDRYAVTSEV / AFPVladimir Putin
Putin also defended that the world faces a more tense decade and says that Russia is not the enemy of the West

Asked about his relationship with the candidates for the presidency of Brazil, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that he gets along well with both. Questioning was made this Thursday, 27, at an annual meeting of Clube Valdai. The Russian leadership also declared that it sees the Brazilian nation as an important partner and that it does not intend to interfere in internal disputes. “We have good relations with Lula and also with Mr Bolsonaro. We do not interfere in internal political processes. That’s the most important thing. We know that, despite the sharp political dispute in the internal political process, there is consensus on cooperation with the Russia, consensus on our engagement with the BRICS, which is of fundamental importance to us. We have a relationship of consensus and interaction with Brazil. We consider Brazil to be our most important partner in Latin America. And so it will continue. We will do our best to further develop our relationships in the future,” he replied. On the same occasion, the Russian head of state said that Western countries will have to start talking “on an equal footing” with the rest of the world about “a common future”. “And the sooner they do it, the better,” he said. According to Putin, Russia, as “an independent and unique civilization, has never considered itself, nor does it consider itself an enemy of the West”, just as it is not “defying Western limits” or wants to occupy the place of a “hegemonic power” in the new world order. “Russia does not propose to replace unipolarity with bipolarity or tripolarity (sic). Replace the dominance of the West with the dominance of the East, North or South. This would inevitably lead to a new dead end.”

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