Zoë Saldaña felt ’embittered’ at the beginning of filming; understand

In the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Zoë Saldaña plays Gamora – and may say goodbye to the role in the third volume

One of the main releases of marvel studios in 2023, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 promises to end a cycle of the galactic team formed by Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Gamora (Zoë Saldaña), Groot (Vin Diesel), nebula (Karen Gillan), Drax (Dave Bautista), mantis (Pom Klementieff) and Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper). However, even with an emotional farewell tone, the beginning of filming was “bitter” for saldana.

During an interview with Entertainment Weeklythe actress talked about filming the third volume of the franchise Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). “It was bittersweet because we were told how [o filme] is the last chapter of Guardians of the Galaxy,” he said. “I know how Gamora took a different journey so if they continue I don’t know what there is to Gamora in terms of whether she will be a guardian again or not. It was bittersweet.”

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“[As filmagens] started bitter at first because obviously you’re anticipating the end, but we ended up on such a sweet note. I’m so happy that once again I got to work with great people,” continued Zoë Saldaña. “I had an evolution that I saw for myself, but also for my director and my cast, I felt very blessed and grateful. It was a very sweet departure, I must say.”

Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ‘It will be the end’ of the franchise, says James Gunn

During the San Diego Comic-Con 2022, marvel studios brought several news about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), including a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which was not disclosed by the studio on the internet. Movie’s director, James Gunn revealed how production “will be the end” of the franchise starring the galactic team.

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In the event, Gunn presented the trailer for the feature, and said how the third part is the definitive “end” of his story with the Guardians of the Galaxya team made up of Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Drax (Dave Bautista), mantis (Pom Klementieff), Groot (Vin Diesel), Rocket Raccoon (Bradley Cooper), Gamora (Zoë Saldaña) and nebula (Karen Gillan).

“[Guardiões da Galáxia 3] it’s the end of that story. I’m very sorry. Some stories have an ending. That doesn’t mean everyone dies,” said the filmmaker. Gunn also confirmed how the origin story of Rocket Raccoon was a driving force in finishing the third film – and will be a key part of the plot.

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“For a while I wasn’t going to make this movie,” the director told Entertainment Weekly. “So I came back. And the reason I knew how I needed to come back was to tell this story, and in some particular ways, I have a special closeness to the character. Rocket and needed to finish to tell his story.”

“I knew how that was what started me on this journey, was seeing who he could be and who he was, where he came from, and what got me interested in the Guardians initially,” he continued. James Gunn in the conversation.

I realized how to tell the story honestly, he is the saddest person or character in the universe.

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