4,139 HOME OFFICE vacancies that pay up to R$ 10 thousand; subscribe now!

the modality home office (teleworking) ended up being a necessity during the pandemic. But since then, this method of work has become popular and continues to gain supporters throughout Brazil. The good news is that 4,139 were announced jobs for those who want to work from the comfort of home.

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In general, those who exercise remunerated activity through the modality have a normal work routine, despite not having to go to the physical space of the company. The employee then performs his/her function digitally or with the use of tools that make the telecommuting possible.

What positions are offered?

In the new super selection, interested parties can find vacancies for various functions, namely: home office consultant, call center, bilingual service, service assistant, full stack developer, design internship, support analyst, digital bells analyst, marketing, administrative assistant and more.

One of the vacancies offers earnings between R$ 8 thousand and R$ 10 thousand, in turn for the position of net developer full. The hired professional must work in the development of .Net Core and other tools aimed at the area of ​​programming, IT and information technology.

The minimum education required is high school, desired experience of 1 to 3 years, knowledge of SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases, as well as dotNet programming.

Register your CV to participate

To apply for one of the vacancies, the first step is to register your CV here. The next step is to access the vacancy of interest and click on the “Apply” option. The query for the position of developer can be made at this link.

As these are different selections, each one can adopt a different selection process. In this case, it is important to have the data correctly informed in the resume to contact the companies. Don’t miss this chance and good luck!

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