5 tips to start a conversation without having to save the number

WhatsApp is the country’s leading text messaging tool. To use it most of the time, it is necessary to have someone’s contact saved on the device. However, for privacy reasons or full memory, not everyone likes to keep saving people’s contact. Thus, we separate a list with 5 tips on how to use the application without saving the contact, according to an article by TechTudo.

In view of this, check out the tips so you can send messages on WhatsApp without having to save the person’s number.

Some Apple and Android tools allow the user to use Whatsapp without having to save the person’s contact – Photo: disclosure


It is possible to generate a link by an API (Application Programming Interface). So, there is no need to save someone’s number to chat with the person. With the link, the user falls into the conversation. To do so, just use the following link: https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=seunumerodetelefone&text=sua%20mensagem. So, just replace ‘your phone number’ with the number of the person who will receive the message and ‘your%message’ with the message you want to send. At the end of the procedure, press enter to start the conversation.

qr code

Few people know, but all Whatsapp users have a personal code, which leads to a conversation. That way, you can chat with someone without saving their contact first. To do so, just enter: Settings; My Code; Scan Code. So, whoever uses the QRcode can chat with you.

other apps

There are tools that were not developed by Whatsapp, but allow the person to chat without having to save the contact. One of them, for example, is MySelf on Whatsapp. To do so, it is necessary to install the application and follow the tool’s instructions. By putting the number you want to receive in the right tab, it is possible to start a conversation, without saving the person’s contact on the phone.

It is important to say that the social network does not recommend that users share their information with other applications. This may not always be safe. Therefore, such apps should be avoided, according to the messenger.

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more tricks

Siri Shortcuts

The famous tool available for cell phones with IOS system, that is, iPhones, can help in this situation. Among its many features is the possibility of creating shortcuts that allow chatting via WhatsApp.

Thus, the person needs to open the application on the device, enter the settings tab and access: “allow untrusted shortcuts”. Copy the generated link and paste it into your browser. Then click ‘get shortcut’.

Thus, by clicking on the generated shortcut, the person can enter the phone number and start the chat.

It is worth remembering that this modality is valid only for Apple devices.

context menu

Finally, an exclusive way for Android phones. Just put your cell phone number in the search engine, with ddd and country code, and tap the Whatsapp icon. It is important to make it clear that such a version can be accessed by Pixel and Android One mobile users.

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