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Opens in theaters on September 9, about the destination is written by Tiffany Paulsen and directed by Marius Vaysberg. The romantic comedy tells the story of two people struggling to find the kind of love they deserve. However, the universe brings them together unexpectedly on a particularly chaotic New Year’s Eve.

The cast includes Emma Roberts, Thomas Mann, Britt Robertson, Madelaine Petsch, Wendie Malick, Cheryl Hines and Lewis Tan.

Screen Rant talks to writer Tiffany Paulsen about the inspiration behind the film and her previous work with Emma Roberts.

Tiffany Paulsen on Destiny

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Screen Rant: I read this about the destination it was based on a play. Were you approached to write this? Or was that an idea you wanted to move forward?

Tiffany Paulsen: I was actually approached by the producers and the director. They were huge fans of Holidate – the script even before Holidate came out and they were so lucky to become a hit and a big hit – they loved the script. They loved my writing for it. It was one of those Hollywood stories where we had lunch at Chateau Marmont and they told me what they wanted to do.

And I went out and had some ideas that they loved, and then we just went from there. I was immediately hired to work, and we were in production in less than a year – it was a very quick turnaround. It’s actually very, very loose, based on a four-hour Russian musical, which I think was inspired by a play from the early ’70s. So it was a long way to go.

Screen Rant: I saw that it was loosely based on something, but I didn’t know if it was in line with the piece or if the piece was just an inspiration.

Tiffany Paulsen: It was just a hint of inspiration. I think the core idea of ​​a guy about to propose to the wrong girl or break up with the wrong girl and get drunk with his friends and wake up in the wrong place… happens in a bedroom… in Russian. So yes. I had to do a little reinvention.

Screen Rant: You’ve worked with Emma Roberts on a few different projects. Did you have her in mind when you were writing Margot? Or is that just how the cast happened?

Tiffany Paulsen: Yes. I really had her in mind. She has become a great friend of mine, and I like to refer to her as my muse. And having just come out of Holidate, I think that was another potentially exciting caveat, or, you know, I hope to put myself out there as a writer, is that this might be attractive to Emma, ​​which it turned out to be. So yes. Writing the script with her in mind, and so she was our only choice for Margot. We got it right with her and we were so excited when she loved the character and wanted to be in it.

Screen Rant: This movie is about fate bringing these two people together in the right place at the right time. But what else do you think it was about Margot and Griffin that drew them to each other? How did you want these two characters to complement each other?

Tiffany Paulsen: Well, I always love unexpected romance and unlikely romance. What I love so much about Griffin is that, right from the start, he just doesn’t look like your typical romantic comedy lead. It reminds me of, like, a Billy Crystal, right? You wouldn’t exactly think of Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally as the romantic lead, and yet once you get to know him, he becomes the clear choice for the romantic lead. I love the unexpectedness of it. I love the juxtaposition of the character of Thomas and the character of Lewis. You just wouldn’t have put these people together and so once you start peeling back the layers and spend more time with them, it’s obvious they’re perfect for each other.

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Screen Rant: I myself am a big fan of unexpected romances. Even Joey and Rachel from Friends. I always love the couple that everyone is like, “I can’t see them getting together.” I’ve always been drawn to that kind of relationship and I thought these characters had really good onscreen chemistry.

Tiffany Paulsen: They did. And actually, Thomas and Emma did a project together when they were kids. And so she was fighting over Thomas. And I was like, “Is this going to work?” Because I’m coming out of Luke Bracey and Holidate. And the first time I saw them kiss, it was magical. The chemistry is just palpable. I think they have fantastic chemistry that really carries the movie.

Screen Rant: There are times when the writers send the script and then the director takes it from there. On the other hand, there are times when the writers are actually on set and are actively involved even after the script is done. How involved were you in the actual filming process of the movie?

Tiffany Paulsen: I was really involved. I’ve been very lucky in my last two films. I just think about them all my babies. I’ve had directors who really value the writer being on set and I bring a lot, you know, modestly she says that. I bring a lot to the table when I’m on set because I know my characters inside and out. And when you get into production, things get thrown at you every day. We ended up missing a location that we thought we could film. And I had to literally rewrite one of the biggest scenes in the movie, which is the scene between the two sisters in a completely new location, which meant going, “Why are they in this location now? What’s up?”

And it ended up making the movie so much better. But if I hadn’t been in Boston, if I hadn’t been on set… I don’t know what would have happened. And there are many occasions like this where Marius really valued me as a partner, and I was able to find solutions to problems, but also improvements in moments just by being around. It’s something that’s become very important to me in my career, and I hope directing is in my very near future. So yes. I was definitely on set and as involved as they let me be.

Screen Rant: You said you had to rewrite. But was there a scene where it was particularly important to you that you stay true to the script?

Tiffany Paulsen: Oh my God. There were so many things I love. Marius really stayed true to the script. Both Marius and our producer Vincent – ​​we worked together in partnership since I had a job to really make sure we were where we wanted to be – as far ahead of the game as possible before we went on set with all the scenes. And then, once we have Emma, ​​she definitely brings her really smart thoughts to the table when she’s going to sign and commit to a character. I think, for me, the concept of it really had to work. You had to believe that this guy got confused, that the addresses were the same, that everyone hides a key under a vase of flowers.

Even though I write things that tend to be very fairytale, I still want the logic of it all to work. At least the logic of the world we’re living in now that we’re all shopping. So him waking up in her apartment, and the machinations the two of them went through to get to where he finally agreed to be her date for her sister’s wedding, I think the whole sequence was really faithful to the script. And it was very methodical so you could at least buy into the concept of the movie. Once you buy this then I am relaxed and I can just enjoy the ride. I’m not worried about how we’re going to get there.

Screen Rant: Lastly, what do you want the overall message of the about the destination to be? What do you hope audiences will take away from this movie after watching it?

Tiffany Paulsen: Everything I write is hopeful. I am the ultimate romantic. I’m a hopeful about love – I always say like the proverbial single girl, right? I still hope he’s out there, hope I find him. And I also feel like these are two people who looked for a lot of reasons not to get involved. There were a lot of obstacles along the way and I think we tended to talk ourselves out of them.

And when I write characters for Emma or girls like her, there’s always a little bit of me there and the voices of my friends. What is that voice in your head that tries to convince you of something? Your head or your heart? So I hope the conclusion is even when you try to convince yourself of something, if it’s the right thing, and you follow your heart, then fate can happen, and the right person can happen. And just not to put obstacles in the way of love.

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When both of their engagement proposals fail, hopeless romantics Margot (Emma Roberts) and Griffin (Thomas Mann) find themselves together on New Year’s Eve after a series of fateful events. Both believing in true love, they set out on a magical and comic journey together, only to quickly realize that the love they’ve been looking for all along may be right in front of them.

about the destination hits theaters on Friday, September 9th.

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