Atltico now has a 55.1% chance of playing in the next Copa Libertadores

photo: Pedro Souza/Atltico

Atltico beat Juventude with a beautiful goal from left-back Dod

Atltico increased its chances of playing in the next Copa Libertadores. Galo beat Juventude, 1-0, this Thursday, in Mineiro, and relegated the gacha team in the Brazilian Championship.

With the victory at Gigante da Pampulha, Galo now has a 55.1% probability of playing in the next Copa Libertadores. Before the victory, the number was 45.9%. The data are from the Department of Mathematics at UFMG, which makes calculations based on the Brazilian Championship with G7.

According to data released this Friday, Atltico now have more chances of playing in the next Libertadores than Athletico-PR (53.2%). Furaco is ahead of Galo in the Brazilian – both teams have 51 points, but the team from Paraná won one more game.

Furaco can still guarantee a spot in the next Copa Libertadores this Saturday. Athletico-PR faces Flamengo, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in the decision of the continental tournament.

There are four rounds left for the end of the Brazilian Championship. In the next round, Galo will face So Paulo, in a direct confrontation for the seventh place. In case of victory, Tricolor will overtake Atltico. Currently, the São Paulo team has a 38.4% chance of going to the next Libertadores.

The current scenario would place Athletico-PR and Atltico in the knockout stage before the Libertadores groups. If Hurricane wins the Libertadores, they won’t have to play in the knockout stage and increase the number of places for Brazil in the continental tournament.

If Flamengo is the Libertadores champion this Saturday, the Brazilian will have a G6 for the group stage. In this way, Atltico and Furaco would fight for the last direct spot, without needing to qualify in the knockout stage.

See the chances of a spot in Libertadores

Atletico – 55.1%

Athletico-PR – 53.2%

So Paulo – 38.4%

Fortress – 30.7%

Botafogo – 17.6%

America – 3.7%

Atltico 1 x 0 Youth: photos from the game in Mineiro for the Brazilian

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