Bahia gives Guarani a draw and sees access to Serie A being threatened

Arena Fonte Nova was full, attendance record, goal at the beginning of the game and countless chances created. In the end, Bahia showed that it doesn’t deserve the fans it has, and confirmation about the return to the first division will be left for the last round of Series B. This Friday (28), the tricolor needed to beat Guarani, at Fonte Nova, to mathematically seal the classification and failed. The team took the lead, with Lucas Mugni, and suffered a 1-1 draw at the end of the second half.

Despite not yet clinching the spot in Serie A, Bahia is very close to moving up. The point won left the Squadron in 3rd place with 59 points, the same score as Vasco, 4th. It can still be reached in points by Sport, who beat Operário in Recife and was 56. Leão from Pernambuco, however, will have to take the difference in goal difference, which is currently 13 to 6 in favor of the tricolor.

Bahia can also be reached by Ituano, who went to 57 points by beating Londrina and took 5th place. However, the team from São Paulo will face off against Vasco, which is good for the tricolor, as it makes it unlikely that they will be overtaken by the two.

The last round will have simultaneous games on Sunday of the next week, November 6th. Bahia visits CRB at 6:30 pm, at the Rei Pelé stadium, in Maceió; Sport goes to Goiânia to face Vila Nova; and Vasco plays against Ituano, in Itu (SP).

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Pushed by the crowd, Bahia started the game “on 220”, as they say in good Bahian, and pressing Guarani. To give you an idea, before five minutes the tricolor had a great chance with Ignacio and a goal by Davó annulled for offside. The pressure took effect after nine minutes.

In a dispute in the area, defender Derlan missed Matheus Davó. VAR called the field referee and, after review, the penalty was confirmed. Lucas Mugni went for the ball and hit it with style to open the scoring and increase the temperature of the cauldron that Fonte Nova has become.

The advantage gave Bahia even more control of the game, which was little threatened by Guarani in the first half. In the best chance of the São Paulo team, the side Luiz Henrique appeared on top of the line and managed to save.

After the frenetic start, the team from Bahia held the pace and returned to pressure only in the final minutes of the first stage, but the score was not changed.

Guarani no longer has any ambitions in the championship, but returned for the second half willing to attack Bahia and bet on the long ball. The duel was then reversed, with Guarani taking over the match and worrying the tricolors.

At 12 minutes, Mateus Claus made a save that was worth a goal after the header by defender João Victor. The Guarani players complained that the ball had crossed the line, but the referee ordered the game to continue.

In the stands, the crowd chanted loudly again to push the team. On the field, Eduardo Barroca put Raí and Rezende in the spots of Caio Vidal and Ricardo Goulart, respectively, a sign that he wanted to close the middle more. When Bahia reappeared in the attack, it was Bugre’s goalkeeper who became the protagonist.

Kozlinski saved Guarani from a shot by Matheus Davó, who was alone in front of him in the area. The missed goal caused the striker to be substituted shortly afterwards. And then the goalkeeper of the São Paulo team made a sensational save in the header of Ytalo, who had just entered the field in place of Davó in the 23rd minute.

At 31, with Rezende in the place of Goulart, Barroca took Jacaré to the entrance of the midfielder Miqueias, making it clear that he was going to “close the house” waiting for the counterattack. Once again, the plan backfired, as had happened in the draw with Grêmio, in Porto Alegre, in the 35th round.

Bahia was getting closer and closer to confirming access, but at 39 minutes came the cold water shower. The referee caught a touch on Micah’s arm in Ludke’s shot, inside the area. After the review, the penalty was confirmed and Yuri Tanque left everything the same in Fonte Nova, preventing the Squadron’s early access.

And after that, the tricolor began to need to score a goal again, but had three defensive midfielders on the field without game-building characteristics. Who worked was Claus, who made two saves in injury time and avoided a defeat.


Bahia vs Guarani – Brasileirão Serie B (37th round)

Bahia: Mateus Claus, Marcinho, Ignacio, Luiz Otávio and Luiz Henrique (Matheus Bahia); Patrick, Mugni and Ricardo Goulart (Rezende); Caio Vidal (Raí), Davó (Ytalo) and Jacaré (Micah). Technician: Eduardo Barroca.

Guarani: Kozlinski, Ivan (Ludke), João Victor, Derlan and Jamerson; Leandro Vilela, Rodrigo Andrade (Madison), Giovanni Augusto (Yuri), Isaque (Edson Carioca) and Yago (Bruno José); Jenison. Technician: Mozart

Place: New source
goals: Lucas Mugni, 9 minutes into the 1st half; Yuri, at 39 minutes of the 2nd half
Yellow card: Marcinho (Bahia); Giovanni Augusto, Madison (Guarani)
Public: 48,464 paying
Income: BRL 1,463,374.00
Arbitration: Wilton Pereira Sampaio (GO), assisted by Bruno Raphael Pires (GO) and Bruno Boschilia (PR)
VAR: Wagner Reway (PB)

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