Bahia is almost guaranteed access, and Série B will have ‘final’ Ituano x Vasco for a spot in the last round; understand calculations

Last round of the tournament will have decisive games being played on November 6th

Just a little bit to the end of the Serie B. With cruise and Guild having already secured their access, there are two spots left for the elite of 2023. And four teams are still in contention.

O Bahia who has the most comfortable situation. Despite having lost the chance to mathematically guarantee itself with the draw against Guaranithe Steel Squadron is one and a half feet in the first division.

With a large advantage in goal difference, the team can still go up with a defeat, but a draw already takes the team to Serie A.

Vasco and Ituanoin turn, will star in a final in the final round. Cruzmaltino only need a draw to return to the elite of Brazilian football, while the Ituano can overtake rival in case of victory in direct confrontation.

The last team that still has mathematical chances is the sport. Leão, however, needs to cheer against Bahia and beat Vila Nova taking a seven-goal difference on balance.

The games of the 37th round that heated up the fight for access:

Vasco 2 x 3 Sampaio Corrêa
Sport 5 x 1 Operário-PR
Londrina 0 x 2 Ituano
Bahia 1 x 1 Guarani

Last round games:


Gremio vs Brusque, 11/03/2022 Arena do Gremio 20:00


Nautical x Ponte Preta, 11/04/2022 Afflicted 21:30


Guarani x Chapecoense, 11/06/2022 Golden Earring 18:30
CRB x Bahia, 11/06/2022 Rei Pelé 18:30
Criciúma vs Tombense, 11/06/2022 Heriberto Hulse 18:30
Ituano vs Vasco, 11/06/2022 Novelli Junior 18:30
Worker-PR x Novorizontino, 11/06/2022 Germano Kruger 18:30
Sampaio Corrêa vs Londrina, 11/06/2022 Castelão (MA) 18:30
Cruzeiro x CSA, 11/06/2022 Mineirão 18:30
Vila Nova x Sport, 11/06/2022 Oba 18:30

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