‘Bolsonaro or Lula’? Guayaquil shows interest in election

Right on the first ride that the UOL Esporte took an app in Guayaquil, the week of the Libertadores final, driver Carlos Almada, 52, was hospitable and tried to set the story in the city. However, between conversations, the Ecuadorian could not resist and added: “And you? Are you Bolsonaro or Lula?”, in reference to the second round of Brazil’s election, which takes place the day after the decision between Athletico-PR and Flamengo.

What initially caused surprise, gradually became common as the days went by. In addition to the news in the newspapers, at least on five other occasions during the stay, the UOL Esporte was asked on the streets with the same question, and realized that the topic divides opinions in Ecuador.

“I’ve been following along. Brazil is the strongest country on the continent and, obviously, I’m worried about the direction there,” said Almada, a Bolsonaro supporter.

Since April of last year, Ecuador has been ruled by Guillermo Lasso, a president linked to the right and with good relations with Jair Bolsonaro. The country, however, is not going through a good moment and, in addition to the economic crisis, violence erupts due to drug trafficking, especially in Guayaquil, stage of today’s decision (29) in the Copa Libertadores.

“There was so much talk about having a right-wing candidate and look at how Ecuador is doing! A pity! That’s why I prefer Lula, who thinks of the poor,” another app driver told the report.

Yesterday, in recognition of the lawn of the Monumental stadium by the teams of Athletico-PR and Flamengo, another curious and unconventional scene was that of an Ecuadorian journalist in the press tribune asking live to his Brazilian professional colleagues who they would vote for. for president in Brazil.

Presidential dispute creates tense atmosphere among Flamengo fans in Guayaquil

During the reception that Flamengo fans made in Guayaquil for the arrival of the delegation in the city last Wednesday (26), a group of red-blacks rehearsed screams of Lula, was rebutted by Bolsonaro supporters and, before the climate When it got hotter, the “cup-it class intervened”, shouting that this was no place for political discussions, and that the important thing was to support the club.

Fla leader turns ’22’ on visit to church in Guayaquil

Bap, in a white Fla shirt, makes a symbol "22" with hands in allusion to Bolsonaro visiting the school in Guayaquil - Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte - Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte

Bap, in a white Flamen shirt, makes a symbol “22” with his hands in allusion to Bolsonaro on a visit to the school in Guayaquil

Image: Bruno Braz / UOL Esporte

Although, internally, there is a concern to present the image of a non-partisan Flamengo, some of its leaders do not insist on hiding their preferences. Yesterday, for example, a red-black entourage visited the church of San Judas Tadeu, in Guayaquil, and then visited a neighboring school, supported by the parish. When they were gathered for a photo with the children, the president of the Board of Directors of the club, Luiz Eduardo Baptista, the BAP, suggested that everyone make the “22” with their hands, alluding to the number of candidate Jair Bolsonaro. And he posed like this smiling. Flamengo president Rodolfo Landim was smiling.

On the same day, Bolsonaro participated in a rally in Rio de Janeiro and declared his support for Flamengo in the Libertadores final, even informing that he wants to receive the red-black delegation in the event of a title.

“Tomorrow there’s a debate on Globo and, on Saturday, we’re going to take a break at five in the afternoon, because Saturday we’re all Flamengo. Libertadores champion

Guayaquil return causes concern at TRE-RJ

The return of Flamengo from Guayaquil exactly on election day for the presidential runoff caused concern at the Regional Electoral Court of Rio de Janeiro (TER-RJ). The agency issued a letter to the club where the possibility of Rubro-Negro postponed its flight to Monday (30) was considered.

Fla, however, was uncomfortable with the situation and felt pressured, evaluating that there was a “transfer of responsibilities”. Even so, the institution has committed not to hold any type of event on arrival, in case it is champion, and will also reinforce on social networks that they do not show up at the airport.

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