Britney Spears breaks silence on controversy with Selena Gomez

posted on 10/27/2022 12:42

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Britney Spears used social networks this Wednesday (26/10) to break the silence on the controversy involving the name of Selena Gomez. That’s because, in recent days, the singer has criticized the inconsistency of artists who adopt a stance of “not showing their bodies on Instagram”, but invest in “$4 million budget clips about sucking and licking homemade ice cream”.

Immediately, netizens associated the Princess of Pop’s message as a hint to the clip of ice creama partnership between Selena and the South Korean group BLACKPINK, launched in 2020, and to the speech of The Weeknd’s ex-girlfriend, who said that she “doesn’t want to see bodies on Instagram, she wants to see what’s in here [do coração]” during the 2016 American Music Awards.

However, Britney Spears denied the alleged indirect to her friend. “I haven’t even seen the video of ice cream by Selena Gomez, who I genuinely admire and have so much respect for.”

“If anyone knows what it’s like to be judged, I’m sure Selena went through something similar,” she declared, who claimed to be talking about the video for Milk shake, by singer Kelis. “When women started moving their asses,” Britney concluded.

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