Cameras catch criminals stealing cell phones at Oktoberfest 2022

109 cell phones were stolen over the 19 days of Oktoberfest 2022, the Military Police said on Friday (28). The number is 80% lower than in 2019, when 544 devices were stolen during the event.. According to the organization of the party, technology was a great ally for the reduction of crimes.

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In all, the security teams had more than 200 high-tech cameras, 40 of them dedicated to facial recognition of visitors, to ensure the safety of revelers. Through them, it was possible to catch several cell phone thefts – which culminated in the arrest of two women.

Blumenau City Hall also released a video showing how criminals acted to steal cell phones. Check it out below:

In addition to the monitoring apparatus, the company Minister made more than 250 security guards and 50 firefighters available for the party. In addition, about 130 military police officers were present to preserve the tranquility of those attending the event.

According to the Military Police, nine people with an open arrest warrant were arrested during the event. These arrests were carried out with the support of facial recognition cameras, which quickly identified these agents, who were later approached by security teams.

Three other arrests were also made related to the event, but for the crime of cell phone theft, one inside Vila Germanica Park, another in a parade on XV de Novembro Street, as well as one around the party, at a gas station. .

police station at the party

The Civil Police set up a complete police station during Oktoberfest, at entrance 1 of Vila Germanica. Police teams made up of Police Officers, Clerks and Delegates acted at the scene, who recorded the events of the party, and the appropriate administrative procedures, arrest in the act and police reports.

In all, 145 incident reports were registered at the site, 74 of which were thefts. In addition, the place also housed the lost and found service. According to a survey, 574 items were lost and 156 were returned.

The party also featured temporary units from the Civil Police Station and the Military Police, in addition to a Commissariat for Children and Youth and a Fire Department station. Another point is that there were no consultations with minors with drunkenness referred to the Guardianship Council, Commissioner for Minors and Court of Childhood and Youth or passing through the event’s outpatient clinic.

traffic and health

The Traffic and Transport Secretary (SMTT) was in charge of all traffic safety around Vila Germanica Park. In the 19 days of the festival, 1358 vehicles were boarded and 514 were removed. In addition, 457 people were tested for alcohol and 15 drivers were found not licensed or with an expired driver’s license.

The health company Anjos da Vida, responsible for the outpatient services of the party, recorded 1,119 consultations in Vila Germanica, such as malaise, suspected dislocations and fractures, abrasions, allergic reactions, suspected heart attacks and strokes, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, increase in diabetes. , hypertension, etc., dizziness, vomiting, among other occurrences. In all, 15 patients were taken to the hospital and 6 calls were made during the parade.

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