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Refer and Earn Apps represent good alternatives for Brazilians who wish to earn money on the internet! In these applications, users receive a kind of bonus at the time of registration, and from there, they can profit by sharing the invitation link (or code). This type of promotion is adopted by companies, apps, websites and platforms that want to increase their customer (or user) networks. So, how to find alternatives that really pay?

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, countless Brazilians have started to look for options to supplement their income on the internet. At the same time, micro-task applications became a real fever among the national public. The purpose of these apps is very simple: to offer cash payments for carrying out simple activities. With that, check below everything you need to know to earn money with Refer & Earn – and get to know the most popular apps.

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Are Refer & Earn Apps Pyramid Schemes? Do they really pay?

Before revealing the most popular Refer & Earn apps on the internet, it is very important to differentiate these platforms from pyramid schemes. After all, the operating model is very similar – however, it has essential differences. The main one is the requirement of “investment” from users.

Micro-task apps (as well as banking institutions) rely on referral promotions just to increase the number of users and market penetration. Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, only use the Refer and Earn structure to draw the attention of potential victims.

Typically, subscribers receive a kind of bonus at the time of registration. However, to withdraw this payment, they are encouraged to “recharge” the platforms or subscribe to “Vip tracks”. For this, it is necessary to make deposits into the accounts of the developers. On the other hand, the platforms promise quick and expressive profits.

Pyramid schemes, it is worth remembering, are doomed investment models. Those at the top of the pyramid (the scheme owners and publishers) make real money. Traditional “investors”, on the other hand, are at a loss.

Therefore, you should avoid any app, website or platform that requires “contribution”, “investment” or any other type of deposit to release the withdrawal. Pyramid schemes are considered crimes against the popular economy, and can generate a sentence of 6 months to 2 years in addition to the payment of fines and judicial restitution.

With that in mind, check out the best Refer-and-Win apps, sites and promotions that really pay below.

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Apps Indicate and Win – Meet Iti

Iti, for those who don’t know, is Banco Itaú’s digital wallet. To expand its customer network, the app bets on a great referral promotion, in which new users and old customers receive R$ 15 in cashback. But watch out! Each person can refer a maximum of 3 friends.

In other words: the maximum payment amount is R$ 45. To make the indication, just access the “Benefits” area of ​​the app, choose the option “Bring your friend to Iti”, copy the code and share it with who have not yet registered in the app. Payments are cleared within 10 business days.

To download Iti, just access

Mercado Pago

A differential of the promotion of referrals from Mercado Pago is the fact that it brings much more expressive payments. Typically, subscribers earn up to R$150 per referral. In this case, the target audience of the promotion are entrepreneurs who use credit card machines.

Users should not indicate the Mercado Pago application, but the company’s machine. Payment amounts vary according to the chosen machine. In any case, the amounts are credited to the users’ account a few days after the confirmation of new registrations.

To check out more information about the Mercado Pago promotion, just access

Refer and Earn PagBank

Brazilians can also earn good money by promoting PagBank referrals. With this promotional campaign, participants can earn up to R$155. As in the Mercado Pago promotion, the objective of the subscribers is to indicate the card machines.

To do so, simply access the PagBank application, enter the Refer and Earn area (in the home menu) and share the referral link. However, the release of the bonus only happens when the nominee makes (at least) three transactions or reaches R$ 100 in sales. Payments vary according to the chosen machine, from R$30 to R$155.

HoneyGain pays 5 dollars on registration

Passive income app HoneyGain has a great promotion where users earn 5 dollars at the time of signing up. To profit, there is no secret: interested parties must download the app, confirm the registration and request the bonus. From there, just share the Wi-Fi with the app to generate passive income.

With HoneyGain, users can earn money without doing anything, even sleeping. To do this, just leave the app running in the background. But watch out! The minimum withdrawal amount from the platform is 20 dollars. Typically, it takes a few months for enrollees to reach this rate.

To check out more information about HoneyGain and start earning money with the app (on your cell phone or on your computer), just go to

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Refer and Earn Apps – Méliuz

Finally, the Méliuz app also has a good Refer and Win promotion. With this promotional action, those who refer receive a bonus of up to R$30 (and those who refer get R$50 in cashback).

To participate, just use the app to generate the invitation link and share it with friends, acquaintances and family.. Afterwards, you can also use Méliuz to guarantee coupons and cashbacks in various stores, restaurants and other establishments.

To check out more information about Méliuz and earn money with the promotion, just go to

All promotions mentioned above may have their rules modified without prior notice. It is worth keeping an eye on the official websites to check the dates of participation.

Finally, DOES NOT guarantee payments or possible problems with websites, apps, games, investment methods or income generation alternatives. We are not affiliated with the app or developer, we recommend that you carefully research and read all information before downloading any app, registering on platforms or websites, or investing money.

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